Top 10 Manchester developments by design score

Manchester’s property development scene is still in boom mode, with tens of thousands of new homes in the pipeline. From stunning city centre renovations to inviting affordable housing developments, new projects are popping up all over. With the property market expanding, we look at the top 10 Manchester developments in terms of their design appeal.

Manchester style – You’re spoilt for choice

In previous posts, we’ve highlighted how Manchester is both a major property investment hub and an increasingly attractive place to live. In the following list, we bring you the best that the city has to offer when it comes to developments with eye-catching designs.

Do you want an ultra-modern look in a luxury apartment in the heart of town? Or a cosy canalside pad? Or even a classic period home? Whatever your style, Manchester has plenty to suit your tastes.

As with our usual ‘top-rated developments’ lists, this one is based entirely on the reviews of verified residents on HomeViews. Usually, the rankings are based on scores given across five categories – facilities, design, location, value and management. In this case, we’re only interested in the design – it’s all about the look and feel!

Our Top 10 Manchester developments by design score

Take a look at the developments with the designs that reviewers couldn’t help falling in love with. Whether it’s due to their architectural pedigree, their sleek interiors with a sharp modern edge, their warm inviting furnishings, or a unique design combination, these are some of Manchester’s smartest-looking property prospects.

Please note: This list was compiled to only include developments that have at least 10+ reviews on HomeViews.

1. Vox, M15

Allsop Letting and Management
4.89 (75 reviews) 4.89 (75 reviews)
Area guide to Manchester
Image of Vox, M15

At the top of our list, with a perfect 5/5 design score, is Vox. We’re not surprised that this was the winner, as everything about it screams smart, stylish, well-considered modern design. From the spacious yet inviting rooftop terrace, to the careful composition of the individual apartments’ furnishings and fittings, Vox delivers a consistently outstanding design experience.

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2. New Maker Yards, M5

Get Living
4.66 (144 reviews) 4.66 (144 reviews)
Area guide to Manchester
Image of New Maker Yards, M5

With a score that’s not far behind the top spot is New Maker Yards. The development was built around three historic canal basins and is bounded by the River Irwell. Warm and cosy is definitely the vibe here, and residents say the lighting is ideal for creating this kind of mood. They also note the clean, professional finish to all rooms in the apartments.

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3. West Tower, M15

Legal & General, Urbanbubble
4.48 (69 reviews) 4.48 (69 reviews)
Area guide to Manchester
Image of West Tower, M15

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern design that wouldn’t look out of place in New York or Stockholm, West Tower will be right up your street. Residents say that their apartments are beautifully shaped by clean lines, high-end fittings, and that even the building exterior screams sci-fi design appeal.

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4. Angel Gardens, M4

Moda Living
4.39 (78 reviews) 4.39 (78 reviews)
Area guide to Manchester
Image of Angel Gardens, M4

Angel Gardens sits within the NOMA innovation district, right in the heart of the city. As the location suggests, the exterior and interior design is all about the modern chic feel. Warm wood finishes and comforting colour schemes combine with high-quality white goods and fittings, letting residents feel like they have a clam oasis in the middle of the bustling city.

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5. The Slate Yard, M3

Legal & General, Urbanbubble
4.74 (87 reviews) 4.74 (87 reviews)
Area guide to Manchester
Image of The Slate Yard, M3

“Simple, contemporary interior design.” This is the general response from residents, as they greatly enjoy the simple yet carefully constructed look that The Slate Yard offers. Big plus points for reviewers include the smart yet welcoming feel of the communal areas, and the presence of lots of natural light throughout.

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6. Affinity Living Riverside, M3

Affinity Living
4.50 (20 reviews) 4.50 (20 reviews)
Area guide to Manchester

Residents here love its minimalistic modern design that is aesthetically pleasing but still entirely practical. They describe the interior spaces as being very cool, and they are complemented by the beautifully chosen and consistently high-end furniture.

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7. GreenGate, M3

4.50 (67 reviews) 4.50 (67 reviews)
Area guide to Manchester

From its landscaped courtyard with tinkling fountains, to its grassy communal gardens and fresh, refined design in the apartments themselves, GreenGate prides itself on looking good. This has clearly made an impression on the residents, who routinely praise many different elements of its design.

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8. Anco&co, M4

4.54 (19 reviews) 4.54 (19 reviews)
Area guide to Manchester
Image of Anco&co, M4

Designed by Bowler James Brindley, Anco&co’s apartments manage to combine cosiness with coolness. This is a fitting look, given that the development sits in one of Manchester’s coolest up-and-coming districts – Ancoats.

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9. Cotton Field Wharf, M4

Manchester Life
4.38 (63 reviews) 4.38 (63 reviews)
Area guide to Manchester

Also situated in Ancoats, Cotton Field Wharf gives residents a simplistic but solidly modern design that acts as a good base for them to put their personal stamp on their apartment. Regular comments are made about the quality design of the kitchens, and how the spacious rooms offer up lots of interesting possibilities.

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10. The Trilogy, M15

Allsop Letting and Management
4.69 (117 reviews) 4.69 (117 reviews)
Area guide to Manchester
Image of The Trilogy, M15

Bright, light, airy and inviting, The Trilogy offers a highly practical design that makes it easy for residents to arrange things as they like it, while enjoy easy comfort with minimal fuss. The communal areas get plenty of praise too, with a similarly ‘easy modern living’ feeling.

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