A Guide to Living in Bristol

Bristol is located in the South West of the UK but it has great transport links throughout the UK and an airport close to the centre. Combining city and countryside living Bristol is one of the most popular cities for Londoners looking to escape. Our Bristol Area Guide gives you an overview of this city and some of the most popular areas to live in Bristol.

Getting Around Bristol

Bristol is the wealthiest, happiest city in Britain, according to a survey by MoneySuperMarket. It outperforms other cities in terms of economy and quality of life. With the completion of the Bristol Arena, the high-speed rail service reducing the time to London by over 20 minutes and the transformation of the harbourside, there is a lot going on. The city of Bristol is made up of a series of areas, each of these locations has its own unique character and charm.

Best places to live in Bristol

Clifton has often been named the top place to live in the city. To live in Clifton you need plenty of spare cash to spend, but if you would love to own an original Georgian home this is the place to be. Redland is also a popular area and slightly more affordable. Both Clifton and Redland are popular with young professionals and are near Clifton Village which offers restaurants and independent shops. Clifton is the default option for many would-be movers with its architecture, shops, schools and outdoor space.

If you want to be more central then explore the once-derelict Floating Harbour which is now at the heart of the city. With views of the harbour, the SS Great Britain and to experience Bristol maritime history this could be the location for you. Heading south towards the centre you will find a number of new developments. Spike Island, previously former docklands can be found between the Floating Harbour and the Cut. Here you will find Steamship House and Wapping Wharf one of the newest waterside developments.

“The area is well equipped with pretty much everything you need, lots of small independent shops and restaurants.” Andrew, Verified Resident of Wapping Wharf

“I like the location as it is easy to get around by foot. I dislike the fact that if I had a car there would not be any space as there is not enough car park.” Kristin, resident of Steamship house

Outside of the Bristol Centre

Further out Emersons Green and Downend are areas located just a couple of minutes from each other. Each offer easy access to the centre – 20 minutes in the car, 30 minutes by bus or 45 minutes cycling. Popular with families these are great suburbs with excellent schools, each access to the motorways and the ability to quickly escape to the countryside. Horfield is a good safe neighbourhood which offers plenty of great shopping and local produce. The commute to the city centre is within easy reach only a couple of miles away.

Hanham is perfect for families and the quiet life but a little bit closer to the centre than Emersons Green and Downend. However as this is an excellent area to live in the property prices reflect this. Whilst there are not many new developments in this area you can find the Paintwork Apartments on the waterside just off the Bath Road between Hanham and the centre.

“We love that our children can play around this place and that we do not get to worry so much about them.” Nick, Verified Resident of Paintwork Apartments

Top Rated Developments in Bristol