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What is HomeViews?

HomeViews is the UK’s only review site dedicated to residential property. Our reviews are detailed, accurate and carefully verified so you can trust them.

One of the biggest decisions we ever make, financially and emotionally, is choosing a home. At HomeViews we believe the best information about a residential development comes from the people living there.

We ask residents up to 18 different questions about what it’s like to live in their building. They rate its Management, Design, Facilities, Location and Value, as well as other factors such as the sales/lettings process and the best feature of their home.

How do I use HomeViews?

“When you’re buying a home you’re going in blind. With HomeViews I’m able to understand the transparent strengths and weaknesses of living in the property. You just don’t get that from estate agents.”

Pete, 31 – Owner at Walthamstow Gateway by Solum

How is HomeViews different to other review sites?

When was HomeViews started?

HomeViews was started in 2019. The company’s founders saw a gap in the market for a reviews site dedicated to residential property. 

Now, 33,000 reviews later, HomeViews is the UK’s only destination for verified resident reviews of new build homes, developers and operators.

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HomeViews Business

HomeViews works with over 40 of the UK’s top property developers, operators and housebuilders.

From claiming your HomeViews pages and responding to reviews, to leveraging our data and insights for your marketing, HomeViews lets you listen to your customers and build your brand.

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