Welcome to HomeViews Business

Welcome to HomeViews Business

Helping the property industry to optimise the resident experience and grow brand reputation

What do we do?

HomeViews is the dedicated property review platform. Our mission is to provide trusted insights into what it is really like to live in a development.

For residents we’re a place to share feedback and be heard and for prospective residents we’re a valuable information resource to find their new home. For the property industry we can provide the insights necessary to help them continue to optimise the customer experience and grow brand reputation. Our platform is free to read, leave or respond to reviews, and always will be.

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How are we different?

Verified resident reviews

In a world of fake news we take verification seriously and independently verify resident reviews. We use a number of methods including independent data checks to verify the reviewer actually lives in their building. Our resident reviews are listed with a verified resident tick and you can filter by only verified reviews. Only verified reviews count 100% towards the rating of a development.

Reviews by development

Rating your property is not as simple as rating your restaurant meal. There are a number of factors and companies that contribute towards a resident’s experience. We invite residents to write a review about their development, not specifically their developer. This enables us to separate out experiences by building and operators.

We collect a lot more data

Reviewers are asked to rate the Facilities, Design, Location, Value and Management of their building resulting in a comprehensive review and insight into the living experience. This enables HomeViews to provide detailed insights and reporting back to the industry.

“The building has a magnificent construction quality, every detail is perfectly maintained, the common areas are beautiful and it is a relief day by day. The gym is my favorite area, with incredible views and the machinery is the best in quality.”

Private Tenant – Verified Resident at Sailmakers, E14

Why work with us?

Listen to your customers

Work with us to gather and analyse your residents’ feedback to identify what your strengths are, where there are opportunities to improve and how you stack up against your competitors.

Build your brand reputation

Show residents you care, and resolve issues by responding to resident reviews. Maintain up-to-date property descriptions, images and contact details

If you've got it, flaunt it

Displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by 270%! Spiegel Research Center, 2017. We make it really easy to share the great reviews you’ve earnt, which will help qualify your leads and grow your business.

“We feel proud of what we’ve created for our residents and encourage them to use HomeViews to share insights for future tenants and to make certain we are providing a top quality service. We encourage all other developers to do the same to ensure London’s new build housing opportunities are the best they can be.”

Harry Downes, Managing Director of Fizzy Living

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There are countless reasons, but above all it’s about measuring and understanding the customer experience to make
informed business decisions. Read more about the benefits here.
Every week we add more developments to HomeViews. To search for your development visit our map page.If we have your development listed and you’d like to respond to reviews or invite your residents to add theirs, please contact info@homeviews.com. If you’d like your development added to HomeViews then get in touch.
Don’t be afraid of asking for feedback. Research shows that when engaged by their developer or landlord, resident ratings can be more than 50% higher. HomeViews asks residents to rate lots of aspects of their living experience, which results in well-rounded, informative insights you can put to use.
All building managers and developers can respond to reviews for free. Simply email us via info@homeviews.com so we can verify who you are and set you up with an account.
HomeViews is growing quickly and looking to cover all residential developments with 50 units or more. You can add your developments using this link and we’ll notify you when we’ve verified the listing and published it. You can then can let your residents know it’s ready to review.
As per ourTerms & Conditions any content quoted from this website must be attributed to HomeViews. If you’d like to quote from HomeViews content or use our logo for commercial or promotional purposes, please contact info@homeviews.com.