About Us

Our Philosophy

One of the biggest decisions we ever make, financially and emotionally, is choosing our home. Our mission at HomeViews is to share useful, trusted insights about residential developments to support you when making that decision.

We believe the best information about a residential development comes from the people living there. Residents have a lot of useful information to share with their prospective neighbours, not just on the property itself and its locality, but also on the developer and the building’s management. To give you the best insights we invite residents (both owners and tenants), property experts and people that have attended a viewing, to share their views.

Our community


We invite residents to share their views and ratings on what it is really like to live in their development. Rate the location, lifestyle, design and value and share your advice and insights on living there. Read our advice on why we believe you should write a review on your home.


There are other voices that have valuable insights and advice to share. Property professionals, property viewers and HomeViews staff writers have visited numerous developments so you don’t have to and share their views.


Looking for your new home? Read reviews and compare ratings to gain trusted insights you wouldn’t find in marketing brochures. Feel more confident in your decision and find your perfect home. Interested in an area? Visit our area guides.


For the first time developers, and building management, will be provided with consistent ratings and feedback from their residents that they can compare across the industry. To find out more email contact@homeviews.com

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why residential developments?
There has been a huge increase in residential developments being built across the UK but particularly in London, and for many residents they are moving into one for the first time.

What if I can’t find my development?
Every week we add more developments to HomeViews. To search for your development visit our map page and if you still can’t find your development and would like to write a review please submit a new development to HomeViews.

How do you verify residents?
We aim to provide valued insightful content that you can trust. That is why we have review guidelines to support you in writing the best possible review. We always seek to verify resident reviews and use a number of processes and tools to do this. For more information please read our blog on verification.

I own or manage one of these developments how can I respond to reviews?
All building managers or developers can respond to reviews for free. Please contact us on info@homeviews.com so we can verify you and give you access to your account.

Can I quote from HomeViews?
As per our Terms & Conditions any content quoted from this website must be attributed to HomeViews. If you would like to quote from HomeViews content or use our logo for commercial or promotional purposes please contact info@homeviews.com. We have a number of marketing tools available to support you.