Central London

A Guide to Living in Central London

Only a privileged few are lucky enough to call Central London home. This is one of the most famous cities in the world, so naturally, living in its heart doesn’t come cheap. With house prices falling largely into the multi-million pound bracket, residents here tend to be politicians, celebrities and those born into ready-made fortunes.

London’s most famous tourist attractions

Think of the classic Big Smoke postcard, and you’ve got Central London in a nutshell. The scenery here is recognised right across the globe, thanks to iconic landmarks like the House of Lords, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, plus the black taxis and scarlet-red phone boxes synonymous with England’s capital. The area is also home to some of the best-preserved Georgian mansions in the country.


Unsurprisingly, Central London’s amenities cater to its wealthy occupants. Expect fine dining (including a reputable clutch of Michelin-starred restaurants) designer boutiques and five-star hotels that have stood the test of time. Some of London’s most famous establishments pepper this area, such The Langham and The Landmark. As to what else is on offer? Only some of the best shopping and dining in Central London. The fashionable W1 postcode teams period architecture with the buzz of Oxford Street and the calm of Marylebone High Street.

The City of London

In the City, or, the ‘Square Mile’, as it’s often known, brokers close deals over brunch in high-end brasseries, and affluent shoppers hit the luxury stores of spots like One New Change. There’s an impressive rollcall of rooftop wine bars, too, offering views of St Paul’s Cathedral. Unsurprisingly, homes here come with a sizeable price tag. But if you’ve got the budget it’s all about glossy high-rises with floor-to-ceiling windows and luxury onsite fitness centres.

Westminster’s charms

If you’re after a more traditional scene, there are olde-world pubs and shops to be discovered in Westminster, not to mention history-charting tourist attractions like Tate Britain and Churchills War Rooms. Nearby, and with views of Buckingham Palace, there’s peace and quiet to be had in St James’ Park – a glorious 23 hectares of meadows and walkways. Spend an afternoon here, and you can picnic on its immaculately tended lawns, or stop by the café for a proper pot of tea.

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