Why Anthology London and first-time buyers are a match made in heaven

Why Anthology London and first-time buyers are a match made in heaven

Just like HomeViews, Anthology London understands the importance of choosing a new home and the stress that can come along with it. The team recently invited residents at Deptford Foundry to write a review on HomeViews. The responses poured in, and we loved reading the glowing feedback – particularly from those buying a property for the first time. The development even managed to scoop a string of HomeViews Awards, which you can find out more about here.

To sum up our reviewers’ experiences, here’s a round-up of what we learnt from Anthology residents…

Buying a property can be stress-free

Buying a property is widely known to be a stressful experience – even more so for first-time buyers. In fact, according to a 2018 study into first-time buying by the bank, Aldermore, 52% of the sample admitted the process had actually made them ill, while 46% admitted it had affected their relationships in a negative way. This couldn’t be further from the truth for Anthology residents…

Our last experience of buying a new home was appalling. Our experience with Anthology couldn’t have been more different. The team were fantastic from start to finish. 10 out of 10 in our opinion. Sincere thanks to everyone at Anthology. Would certainly consider buying at your other developments.” – AdamP, verified resident at Deptford Foundry

I am a first time buyer, and have found this to be a really positive experience. I bought off plan in March 2018 and from that point until I completed in March 2019, I found the Anthology team always available and always reassuring if I had questions. More than just answering questions, I always felt like the team was on hand genuinely to help – and that it was never just about making a sale or deal with a buyer.” – Tara, verified resident at Deptford Foundry

I was apprehensive about buying off-plan, terrified of all the things that might go wrong buying somewhere that hadn’t yet been built. I’m naturally risk-averse and skeptical, so assumed things wouldn’t be quite as perfect as Anthology’s glossy sales & marketing material suggested. The reality has completely surpassed expectations, and I’ve found the entirety of the process from contracting to buy (almost 2 years ago) through the after-sales cycle, completion and moving in nothing short of flawless from Anthology’s side.” – Dave, verified resident at Deptford Foundry

New-build does not mean poor quality

Countless horror stories flood the press about new-build homes and developers cutting corners to hit tight deadlines. Luckily, Anthology residents are having a very different experience…

The development itself is really well done, and I am extremely happy with the apartment. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or team to help me with buying my first home.” – Ryan F, verified resident at Deptford Foundry

I bought the flat off plan meaning I was slightly apprehensive about the flat not meeting my expectations. As it transpired, the flat is everything I wanted and more!” – Ben, verified resident at Deptford Foundry

The overall quality and design of the flats is excellent and has more than met my expectations and where there were any minor issues they were rectified very quickly. Overall I’m delighted with both the buying experience and the finished property!” – Mark R, verified resident at Deptford Foundry

A dedicated team makes all the difference

Anthology residents loved having a dedicated contact on-hand every step of the way. Part of the Anthology philosophy is a promise to get to know every single customer and understand what’s important to each one, making sure a team member is contactable at any time to answer questions and offer support. And it really shows…

From reserving a flat at Deptford Foundry, through to moving in, Anthology have been superb and always professional. They have provided regular updates on the development and information about the local area. Plus, there was a dedicated point of contact who was available to answer queries and arrange viewings.” – Jax, verified resident at Deptford Foundry

The staff and managers at Anthology have held my hand throughout. When i reserved my flat, i received a letter and a personal phone call from the MD, which was so encouraging. They helped me understand the financial arrangements, even though it isn’t their job to do so. Georgia has been my main point of contact and has been friendly, responsive and efficient with all the many random questions and requests i have sent her way!” – Adam, verified resident at Deptford Foundry

What’s been particularly exceptional for me was the level of support, help and care Anthology have provided throughout. Georgia in particular provided relevant and useful updates/timelines right up to completion and was always on hand to quickly, coherently and comprehensively answer any questions/assist with any issues or concerns. And even after moving in the team continue to be helpful.” – Dave, verified resident at Deptford Foundry

Issues naturally arise, but it’s the response that counts

Snags in new-builds are very common, but it’s how a company puts them right – and the way they communicate resolution plans – that’s important. While a couple of Anthology residents hit speed bumps, they remained happy purchasers thanks to the care and transparency shown by the Anthology team…

We had an issue with our flat that needed fixing prior to moving in and were really impressed with the transparency and honesty that Anthology showed when dealing with it and the reassurance we got that everything would be perfect before we moved in.” – Rhodri J, verified resident at Deptford Foundry

There were a series of issues with my heating on moving in – pretty fundamental in December! This was really disappointing, and it was fortunate I had elsewhere to stay. However – Anthology sprang into action immediately to resolve it, and Georgia communicated with me throughout. They did go the extra mile to try to sort it out, and whilst it was a bad start to the move in they did personally apologised to me. I was satisfied with how it was resolved.” – Adam, verified resident at Deptford Foundry

HomeViews lists four Anthology London developments: Deptford Foundry, Hoxton Press, Hale Works and Wembley Parade. Click on each one to find out more. Do you live in an Anthology London development? Leave your review here.