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How we work with you

HomeViews offers free tools for developers and building managers, so you can engage with your residents and prospective buyers and tenants.

We know from experience that developers and building managers who engage their residents receive better reviews and ratings. That’s why we make it easy for you to respond to reviews and offer customer satisfaction surveys, complete with bespoke questions tailored to your needs.

Manage your brand on HomeViews


Invite your residents to write a review on HomeViews. We can create a bespoke customer satisfaction survey for you and provide you with insights on your customer experience and benchmark you against the industry. Terms and conditions apply.


We allow developers and building managers to respond to reviews for free. HomeViews is an easy-to-use platform which allows you to address customer feedback directly, and creates a dialogue between you and your residents. Customers expect to see engagement from developers, and we make this nice and simple for you. For advice on how to respond to reviews, click here.


Consumer reviews are the best and most trusted form of marketing. If you own or manage a development listed on HomeViews, we offer marketing packages which allows you to upload professional images, adverts and qualify for HomeViews Awards. You then have content rights to use across your channels. Contact to find out more. Terms and conditions apply.


Why engage with my residents?
There are countless reasons, but above all it’s about measuring and understanding the customer experience to make informed business decisions. Read more about the benefits here.

How can I claim my development?
Every week we add more developments to HomeViews. To search for your development visit our map page. If we have your development listed and you’d like to respond to reviews or invite your residents to add theirs, please contact us at If you’d like your development added to HomeViews then get in touch.

Why should I invite residents to write a review?
Don’t be afraid of asking for feedback. Research shows that when engaged by their developer or landlord, resident ratings can be more than 50% higher. HomeViews asks residents to rate lots of aspects of their living experience, which results in well-rounded, informative insights you can put to use.

How can I respond to reviews?
All building managers and developers can respond to reviews for free. Simply email us via so we can verify who you are and set you up with an account.

Where are our other developments?
HomeViews is growing quickly and looking to cover all residential developments with 50 units or more. You can add your developments using this link and we’ll notify you when we’ve verified the listing and published it. You can then can let your residents know it’s ready to review.

Can I quote from HomeViews?
As per our Terms & Conditions any content quoted from this website must be attributed to HomeViews. If you’d like to quote from HomeViews content or use our logo for commercial or promotional purposes, please contact