2020 National Build to Rent Report from HomeViews Insights

2020 National Build to Rent Report from HomeViews Insights

Build to Rent

Build to Rent (BTR) is growing, and at a faster rate than many predicted. In their 2019 Q3 report, the BPF and Savills reported that there were over 148,000 BTR homes either completed, under construction or in planning in the UK. This marked a 20% increase from 2018.

Since launching in February 2019 HomeViews has gathered the reviews and ratings from thousands of tenants living in new build developments in the UK. HomeViews now has the most complete data set of insights into the Build to Rent sector in the UK. If you own, operate, invest, design, manage or provide services for Build to Rent the 2020 National Build to Rent Report explores what residents in these buildings think of the Facilities, Design, Location, Value and Management of their homes.

“For Build To Rent to be successful, we must all be focused on meeting the needs and aspirations of our customers and stakeholders. HomeViews are playing a key role in helping the sector to achieve this focus in a rigorous and transparent manner. This report is vital reading for everyone – whether they and their schemes are mentioned or not” David Butler, CEO of the UKAA.

The HomeViews Insights 2020 National Build to Rent Report is now available to order.


What does the report cover?

This report represents resident reviews from 538 new build developments, including 84 BTR developments, which constitutes 37% of the currently occupied BTR developments in the UK. Data is sourced from over 5,000 tenant reviews; 1500 verified BTR tenant reviews and a further 3,500 BTS tenant reviews.

The developments are from 8 cities in the UK: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Bristol and Bath.


The Trilogy in Manchester was the highest rated BTR development in 2019

This report from HomeViews Insights compares the BTR and Build to Sell (BTS) tenant experiences, as well as providing previously unpublished reviews and digest which give answers to the key question: how are BTR operators delivering the best living experience for residents?

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