The pros & cons of a new-build home: CONS

Fizzy Stepney Green development

In our recent post about the pros of a new-build, we reviewed the positives of living in a younger model home. Now, we explore the cons…

You’re not on the map yet!

This is a common problem as maps try and keep up with the residential developments completing daily. Issues range from a cold Saturday night takeaway to important post not turning up – eek! The good news is this is usually a short-term issue.

“Only issue is that the postcode doesn’t show up everywhere if you’re doing loads of online shopping but I’m sure this will come along soon enough and there’s always a way around that anyways!” – Verified resident of Royal Wharf

The snagging process

Most developers work to tight deadlines, which means there may be a few ‘snags’ left to rectify once you’ve moved in, such as chipped woodwork or a rushed skirting paint job. Usually, you’ll have a dedicated handyman or woman to do the job for you pronto, but this can lead to frustration if you’re left waiting.

“As these flats represent an excellent opportunity to buy and very good value for money it has made it easier to overlook some of problems I experienced in my first year, namely poorly designed security in the building which resulted in a few bike thefts. My flat is well built with some minor issues that were quickly resolved during the snagging period.” – Verified resident of Rosina Street

Early phase bugbears

Move in during a new-build’s early phases and you could be faced with a lack of facilities and a load of noise and inconvenience while your new home blossoms. It also means you won’t have insights to draw upon from existing residents. Our advice? Read up on reviews about similar developments from the same company.

‘Our only disappointment has been in the lack of community facilities. With many parts of the development still being built these have not been completed yet and we feel the lack of community’Sara, verified resident of Royal Wharf

“I wish I knew that the construction was early morning, late night, and weekends. The workers seem to clog up the grocery store near me and they leave rubbish and cigarettes all over the ground in the area.” – E.H, verified owner of Riverlight

Do you live in or have you recently visited a new-build? Leave your thoughts here.

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