Rental properties that allow pets: Top 10 London landlords

dog in a tent in a rental property that allows pets

Do you have a pet and need to rent a property in London? We take a look at ten landlords and operators providing beautiful London rental properties that allow residents to keep pets. Some even include doggy yoga sessions for residents and pet treats in foyers!

Recent statistics show that 41 per cent of UK households include at least one pet. Surveys suggest that Londoners differ from the rest of the country in that they are more likely to own a dog than a cat. So, with all these pets around, why is it so hard to find rental properties that allow pets?

It can be extremely hard to find a rental property that lets you keep pets. Many private landlords are not keen on the idea. This can be especially true if you’re renting in London or other cities.

Why do some landlords not want pets?

Many private landlords are hesitant to allow pets in their rental properties. This may be for a number of reasons. One big factor is the shed hair and smell that some pets can leave on soft furnishings in a property, which can be hard to remove. Pets scratching or chewing can also cause damage to the property.

However, there is good news! There are a growing number of beautiful London rental options for pet owners in buildings that are purpose-made for renting.

Purpose-built rental flats

Many ‘Build to Rent’ developments not only allow pets but celebrate their furry and feathered residents! Pet owners share photos and have meetups for dog walking or pet chats in some of the developments run by the landlords below.

Click on any of the companies listed here to view their rental properties all over London. Each of these landlords has properties that let you bring your pets with you.

Attitudes are changing! It’s now easier than ever to rent gorgeous London homes that your pets can enjoy as well.

10 London landlords offering rental properties that allow pets

1. be:here


Number of Developments

4.71 Rating (based on 121 reviews)

be:here is a Build to Rent residential property developer with developments across London and the UK. The company is committed to creating ‘vibrant communities that offer a complete lifestyle package that’s in tune with modern life.’ That modern life includes renting with pets! be:here Hayes is an award-winning, pet-friendly property here on HomeViews. The development is located just 300 yards from Hayes and Harlington Station and is a part of the Old Vinyl Factory.
be:here Hays is currently ranked as our highest rated pet friendly rental development.

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2. Essential Living

Essential Living

Number of Developments

4.59 Rating (based on 396 reviews)

Essential Living is a Build to Rent property developer based in London. All Essential Living developments allow pets. There are many Essential Living developments on HomeViews, including Berkshire House in Maidenhead, Vantage Point in Archway, Islington, and Dressage Court in Bethnal Green. In addition, Union Wharf, Essential Living’s newest development is a collection of 249 apartments spread over two towers, set on the banks of peaceful Deptford Creek.
Vantage Point, Union Wharf and Dressage Court can be found in our article on the top 20 pet-friendly rental developments in London.

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3. Get Living

Get Living

Number of Developments

4.51 Rating (based on 734 reviews)

Get Living is a Build to Rent property developer. They are leading the charge for a better way of renting, with no deposits, no fees and longer tenancies for its residents. Most of their rental properties also allow pets. The Get Living team aims to help tenants feel at home from the moment they move in. All Get Living units are designed to be spacious and modern, and are fitted with the latest appliances. Tenants have the freedom to decorate and hang pictures, and access free superfast broadband.
Elephant Central is in our list of the top 20 pet-friendly rentals in London.

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4. Greystar


Number of Developments

4.35 Rating (based on 1767 reviews)

Greystar is a global leader in rental housing. They focus on providing beautiful environments and world-class service that enhance the living experience, and all their rental properties on HomeViews allow pets. With over 25 years’ experience in the US. Greystar have also expanded to the UK and Europe, with a number of purpose-built rental communities. These offer premium quality apartments with exclusive resident amenities.
Greystar’s Charter Place and Sailmakers developments are both in our list of the top 20 pet-friendly rentals in London.

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5. Way of Life

Way of Life

Number of Developments

4.59 Rating (based on 351 reviews)

Way of Life is a property management company based in London, UK, founded in 2017. It aims to deliver a high-quality service that exceeds the expectations of residents by “making the joys of Central Living a reality… without the compromise of space, style or service.”
There are a number of Way of Life developments around the UK, including sites in London, Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester. 5 Bedford Park can be found in our list of the top 20 pet-friendly rentals in London.

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6. Upper Riverside

Upper Riverside

Number of Developments

4.10 Rating (based on 128 reviews)

Upper Riverside is a large residential development in the heart of Greenwich Peninsula. It is one of Greenwich Peninsula’s new neighbourhoods located alongside the River Thames. There are five buildings in the Upper Riverside development, with a unique design approach in each building. The development is only a 17-minute journey to Bond Street on the Jubilee Line.

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7. Fizzy Living

Fizzy Living

Number of Developments

4.34 Rating (based on 1209 reviews)

Fizzy Living is a professional landlord on a mission to reinvent renting. Fizzy provides good quality homes for rent in secure buildings across London, and is committed to delivering exceptional five-star customer service throughout your tenancy. All seven of this outstanding operator’s developments in London also allow you to bring your pets!
All five of Fizzy’s developments are found in our list of London’s top 20 pet-friendly rentals.

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8. Quintain Living

Quintain Living

Number of Developments

4.20 Rating (based on 222 reviews)

Quintain Living is a Build to Rent developer with a range of outstanding properties in Wembley Park. Quintain Living benefits include no fees or deposits, with WiFi included and ready to go, and also have 24-hour support with a concierge and smiley resident team. Selected developments allow residents to keep pets, and buzzy social events are included as standard.

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9. Savills

Number of Developments

4.20 Rating (based on 397 reviews)

Savills has a management arm that is part of the global real estate group Savills Plc. Founded in 1855, Savills is one of the worlds leading property agents and believes ‘hands on management coupled with in-depth local knowledge is the fundamental driver of real estate performance.’ They also offer pet-friendly options within some of their developments.

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10. Folio London

Number of Developments

4.12 Rating (based on 141 reviews)

Folio London is a leading Build to Rent property developer creating new build homes across the capital. It’s on a mission to provide a better way of renting for tenants, with a process that aims to be as straightforward as possible. This includes helpful hallmarks such as no extra fees, a dedicated Portfolio Manager, yearly ‘health checks’ for your new home and an emergency hotline.

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Want to explore specific rental properties that allow pets? Have a look through our selection of the Top 20 pet friendly rentals in London.

The Dogs Trust also runs a very useful scheme called Lets with Pets. They provide lots of useful information for both tenants and landlords about renting property with pets.

HomeViews provides verified resident reviews of the UK’s housing developments. We’re working with developers, landlords and the Government to recognise high performers and help to improve standards in the built environment.

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