HomeViews Insights

HomeViews Insights

HomeViews Insights provides unique reports and analysis into the UK property market from the resident perspective.

We collect a huge number of ratings and insights on developments, developers and landlords, many of which are not published on www.homeviews.com. Our reports are a unique insight into how residents are experiencing and rating new build developments in the UK.

Free 2019 BTR Headline Summary

Presented at The UKAA Annual Conference, 31st October 2019

Our summary report gives an overview of the tenant experience within new build developments comparing the Build to Rent tenant experience to those of tenants in the broader Private Rented Sector.

Our Summary Report:

  • Summarises over 5,000 tenant reviews; 1500 verified BTR tenant reviews and a further 3,500 BTS tenant reviews
  • Covers 84 BTR developments, managed by 40 different operators, across 8 cities in the UK: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Bristol and Bath
  • Includes top-level comparisons between developments on Overall Star Rating, Facilities, Design, Location, Value and Management.
  • Reveals the Top 10 Rated BTR Developments for 2019 and the Top 5 Complete Landlords.

The Full 2020 National BTR Resident Report

Available to order from early December 2019

Our full report provides deeper analysis and insight into the tenant experience. It identifies the key factors and points of differentiation impacting resident scoring and shares advice on how developers and operators could improve their tenant experience.

Our Full Report:

  • Identifies the key factors and development points of differentiation driving the tenant experience, including identifying what’s most valued by BTR tenants.
  • Reveals and explains the factors and themes impacting the ratings of the Top 10 Rated BTR Developments by category (categories include: Facilities, Design, Location, Value and Building Management).
  • Reveals and explains the factors influencing the ratings for the Top 5 Complete Landlords (categories include: % Recommend, Customer Service, Repairs & Maintenance).
  • Identifies areas for improvement, emerging trends and shares HomeViews recommendations for the BTR sector.

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  • 2019 BTR Headline Summary