What is social proof and why do you need it?

What is social proof and why do you need it?

You’ve probably heard of social proof – especially in a marketing context – and wondered what it is and how it could help you. In this article we briefly explain social proof and how it can be used to build customer confidence and increase sales. We’ll give examples of how HomeViews partners use their content rights to our reviews to supercharge various marketing materials.

A resident review on HomeViews

Social proof – what is it?

Social proof is essentially an existing customer recommending a product or service. This could be a direct recommendation through word of mouth, or indirectly through online reviews and ratings on a platform like HomeViews.

Why should I use it in my marketing?

The power of online reviews to influence what, and how, consumers buy, is proven. For online purchases, reviews have been shown to influence 80% of online purchases. Very few people buy or rent houses online, you may think, but almost everyone researches them online before viewing in person. And 72% of people said they trusted online reviews as much as an in-person recommendation.

HomeViews partners use their positive reviews to convince prospective residents. This content effectively allow developers and operators to say “Don’t take our word for it – ask our residents!”

Social proof in action

Social media

Social media is the perfect format for social proof marketing. Being inherently ‘social’, resident reviews are the perfect antidote to dry, corporate marketing messages on these very human platforms.

Paid social campaigns are a great way to amplify the positive comments your existing residents are making.

Website badges and snippets

HomeViews partners also use awards badges, star ratings and review snippets on their website homepage, case studies and other pages, adding instant credibility.


Videos are another great way of using social proof to help market your homes, bringing the resident’s voice to your marketing images or existing videos.

Display advertising

Give your happiest residents a megaphone with social proof display advertising. From hoardings, sales suites and banners to print ads and email signatures, our partners use reviews for instant impact ad copy.

Summary pages

HomeViews gives its partners tailored summary sheets. These provide an overview of all the resident ratings for a specific development, and can be handed out or sent to prospective residents.

Trade shows

Being able to say you’re highly-rated by residents, or even a HomeViews Award-winner, really cuts through the noise at busy trade shows. Our partners use their awards, ratings and reviews in a variety of ways.

HomeViews provides verified resident reviews of the UK’s housing developments. We’re working with developers, house builders, operators, housing associations and the Government to recognise high performers and help improve standards in the built environment.

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