Meet be:here Hayes’ Akash – Detective turned Building Manager

Meet be:here Hayes’ Akash – Detective turned Building Manager

Back in November HomeViews partnered with property developer be:here. We created a bespoke customer survey for all residents of be:here Hayes.

The results are in, and we’re pleased to announce an overall residents’ rating of 4.65 out of 5, with equally impressive scores across the Lifestyle, Design, Location, Value and Building Management categories. Click here to see the breakdown. The brilliant results meant be:here Hayes managed to scoop three HomeViews Awards…

HomeViews discovered that 100% of be:here Hayes residents would recommend be:here to friends and family. Judging by the Building Management rating (4.78) and comments about customer service, in particular, it’s easy to see why. And there was one name that cropped up several times – that of be:here Hayes Building Manager, Akash. We sat down with the man who “always goes the extra mile” to find out more…

Akash, thanks for sparing some time in your busy day to speak to HomeViews! Tell us more about who you are and how you came to work at be:here Hayes…

Well, I’ve never worked in property before, so that was brand-new for me. I was in the army working for the military for a number of years, and that was followed by a 12-year career in London as a police Detective. That could be why I was selected to keep the place in order!

Wow, quite a career change! Lots of the be:here Hayes residents wrote about how helpful and friendly you are, and how much this adds to a positive living experience. What do you love most about your job?

I’d say the people. As I say I’m not from a property background, but I’m aware that service levels in this country are generally pretty poor, and much more so than, say, in the US. I want to buck this trend, to maintain service levels, take ownership of any problems instead of brushing them under the carpet, and to ensure everyone living here has a good experience.

Here’s a quote from one of the be:here Hayes residents: “I love the fact we have a lot of animals inside the building. The guys from reception are great, all the time smiling and helpful!” What would you say is special about the be:here Hayes community?

I think a common denominator is that most people living here are new to West London or the UK itself, so there’s a real international community feel. Lots of people are here for projects, for example. We are aware of this so make sure that information about local amenities, for instance, is readily available.

Another thing is we’re based on-site. I know all 350 people living here by name. I’ve always had a good memory, so I know that’s so-and-so from apartment X, and I’ll remember that they recently went on holiday and ask about it. Residents can be surprised when they realise I know their name the second time I see them, but that’s just what we do and how we do things here!

What kind of things keep you busy when you’re onsite?

We are an in-house team that does everything from scratch. Viewings, lettings, marketing, repairs, inventory, security, defect reports and events. That should give you some idea of the variety! One minute I might be helping move furniture from one apartment to another, the next showing a couple a potential home.

Most memorable moment in the job so far?

Probably our first ever residents’ event up on the rooftop, when we were maybe 50% full. It happened to be the perfect day – 30 degrees – with those very first people to move in, the original community. I was meant to leave at 8pm and I didn’t go until 11pm, so take from that what you will!

So did you think at that point you were onto something a bit special?

Yes, definitely.

You were given some incredible ratings by your residents. What do you believe makes the difference between being a ‘good’ Building Manager and an ‘excellent’ one?

Personally, I don’t think I’ve fallen into the bad habits that someone from a property or estate agent background might have. My military and Detective background helps me to keep organised, and I have a genuine interest in peoples’ stories. I remember what people tell me, not just their name but that their mum was visiting recently, or that their dad lives in Hong Kong. That strikes a chord with people. I have a genuine interest in people and their welfare – I think that’s all it is.

We ask people leaving a residents’ review on HomeViews to tell us one thing they wished they’d known before they moved in to a development. Do you have any tips or pearls of wisdom that might be useful to someone about to move into be:here Hayes?

We don’t heavily market our events, so I don’t think everyone realises just how many opportunities there are to meet other members of the community that live here.

I’d also say that it’s good to be aware that Hayes is an up-an-coming area. It’s under huge redevelopment and will improve massively over the next few years.

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