Top Five Places to Live in Stratford

London has always been a ‘city of perpetual works’ but postcodes E15 and E20 really stand out. In fact, they have almost totally transformed over the last decade. They’ve become a magnet for people across the world, so we’re going to show you the best places to live in Stratford. The 2012 London Olympics fundamentally transformed this area of east London, and the regeneration was a central part of the bid, the games and the legacy. Part of the newly developed portion even got a new postcode. E20 had hitherto only existed as a fictional postcode for Walford, the location of the hit British TV series Eastenders – life imitating art!

But where are the best places to live in Stratford? The best way to find out is by asking the people who already live there, and we did exactly that! Every day we speak to hundreds of locals across the capital. We ask what they think not only about their area but also their specific homes. Here are the answers.

Top 5 new property developments in Stratford

Stratford has emerged in the last decade as a thriving and vibrant East London community. Its excellent transport connections and local amenities make it stand out as a superb option within easy reach of Canary Wharf, the City of London and other central areas. Take a look below at the five highest-rated new build developments in Stratford. As ever, the rankings are based solely on the reviews of verified residents on HomeViews, and nothing else.

1. Coppermaker Square, E20

4.40 (45 reviews) 4.40 (45 reviews)
Area guide to Stratford
Image of Coppermaker Square, E20

Taking top spot in Stratford is this rental-only development from Greystar. Coppermaker Square offers 1,225 rental apartments in a vibrant city neighbourhood, available to move in now, where residents can benefit from resident-only amenities including a 25m pool, spa, gym and studios, co-working space, roof terrace and a private dining space. Residents can enjoy green spaces and amenities on their doorstep in a well-connected area of London.

Read reviews and details of Coppermaker Square, E20

2. East Village, E20

Get Living
4.41 (743 reviews) 4.41 (743 reviews)
Area guide to Stratford
Image of East Village, E20

The second ranked development in Stratford is East Village, E20, which is 300m from Stratford Station. Get Living developed all the homes on this scheme to be rented out and include one, two, three and four-bedroom properties. The former Athletes’ Village is now a buzzing community of over 3,000 people. According to the residents we spoke to, one of the factors about the scheme they rated most highly was the location, which scored an impressive 4.73 out of 5.

Read reviews and details of East Village, E20

3. Victory Plaza at East Village, E20

Get Living
0.00 (0 reviews) 0.00 (0 reviews)
Area guide to Stratford
Image of Victory Plaza at East Village, E20
Victory Plaza offers modern apartments in London at the heart of East Village. With 1-4 bedroom homes, including 1.5 and 2.5 bedrooms, you can find your balance between family life and home-working. Additionally, there are several amenities including concierge and parcel lockers. Read reviews and details of Victory Plaza at East Village, E20

4. Portlands Place at East Village, E20

Get Living
0.00 (0 reviews) 0.00 (0 reviews)
Area guide to Stratford
Image of Portlands Place at East Village, E20
Portlands Place is a mix of studios and 1-4 bedroom apartments to rent in East London. Portlands Place is the newest addition to East Village with unparalleled amenities retailers and your very own 25 acre garden. Additionally, it is only 15 mins from The City. Read reviews and details of Portlands Place at East Village, E20

5. New Stratford Works, E15

Higgins Homes PLC
4.21 (20 reviews) 4.21 (20 reviews)
Area guide to Stratford
Image of New Stratford Works, E15
New Stratford Works is a development by Higgins Homes as part of the vast regeneration of Chobham Manor area. Read reviews and details of New Stratford Works, E15

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Prices and rents in Stratford

The average property price in Stratford is £523,232. This is according to Zoopla data on sales in the area for the 12 months to December 2023. This places property in Stratford some way below the average price for London overall, which is £736,193.

For rentals, Stratford averages a monthly cost of £2,627, according to One bedroom properties are available for around £2,235 per calendar month, while a three-bedroom rental property averages £3,400 per month.

Are you interested in finding out more about living in Stratford? Take a look at our detailed guide below, which has all the information you’ll need on this thriving East London community, as well as information on all the best new build developments in the area


Pre-2012 London Olympics, Stratford was, for many, just a place where the Jubilee line terminated. But the Games put this East London district well and truly on the map. Modern residential developments (with a plethora of amenities) have been multiplying here ever since. Where Read more about Stratford

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