Top 10 safest places to live in London

Silhouetted people and trees in Richmond - the safest place to live in London in 2021

Feeling safe is a factor many HomeViews reviewers mention when rating their homes. If you’re looking to make the big move to the capital or relocate from one part to another, we have the latest information on the safest places to live in London in 2022. Discover the London areas with the lowest crime rates in this simple guide.

A strange time for crime

2020-2021 was a bizarrely unique period for everyone in the UK, as the global coronavirus pandemic unfolded and even now affects our daily lives. Fortunately, the beginning of 2021 saw the start of the biggest national vaccination rollout in British history, leading people to start thinking once again about a return to normality and causing many to revisit the idea of moving home.

As we will explain, COVID-19 has made a big difference regarding the rates and types of crimes committed in London.

Did crime decrease during the pandemic in London?

Overall, crime in London dropped significantly during Jan-Nov 2020, by almost 14% compared to the same period in 2019. The full effects on crime of the numerous national lockdowns are still being analysed, but it’s clear that some forms have crime are majorly down while others remain steady or have even increased slightly. Theft and robbery-related crimes saw the most dramatic drop of more than 50% between March-May, as people largely stayed home.

However, London and the wider UK reported antisocial behaviour, drug abuse and domestic abuse all increased compared to 2019. These trends show just how much COVID has impacted society as life adjusts to the ‘new normal’.

While 2020 was potentially a ‘one-off’ for crime stats, the lockdown restrictions throughout the year mostly applied to all of London, rather than separate boroughs. This means that the relative safety of respective boroughs is likely to stay unchanged as the pandemic fully eases.

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“The area always feels safe, no matter what time of the day it is. There are cameras and security on site at all times.”

Verified Tenant on HomeViews, East Village by Get Living, Stratford

What makes areas safer than others?

Actual safety (and feeling safe) within an area of any city is more complicated than simple crime statistics. While low levels of crime and effective policing are essential for making the people who live there feel safe, other factors make a big difference too. The following are all important considerations to factor into your decision about the safety of where you choose to live.


Better schooling leads to greater opportunities for young learners, making them feel more invested in society and their future. Good schools and educational facilities therefore literally make areas safer as they improve the lives of people living there.

Arts and Culture

It might not seem like it, but art can have a tangible impact on an area’s safety. Places with a thriving arts scene make residents feel more positive and uplifted, which leads to them feeling safer while in many cases helping to reduce actual crime levels. Urban revitalisation and beautification are also usually part of overall community investment plans to improve the area as a whole.

Green spaces

While crimes still take place in parks, green spaces are vital for boosting an area’s sense of community, health and wellbeing. All of these are important in influencing safety in society. As you’ll see from our list, access to green spaces factors heavily in the appeal of all London’s safest boroughs.

While busy train and underground stations do experience crime issues, having good transport links often helps improve an area’s safety. This is because better access to public transport in London encourages more investment in the area, boosting its desirability and adding opportunities for those who live there. Also, smarter public transport systems are more likely to be better resourced in terms of providing safety and security for their passengers.

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10 safest places to live in London in 2022

With these factors in mind, discover which parts of the capital offer the greatest peace of mind when it comes to safety. Our list of the top 10 safest places to live in London was drawn from official Metropolitan Police figures covering November 2020 to November 2021. In each case, you can see the number of crimes committed per 1000 people living in that borough.

10: Redbridge – 83.9 crimes per 1,000

Seven Kings Park (Image Credit: Nigel Cox)

Known as the original ‘leafy suburb’ a full quarter of Redbridge is covered by forest and public green spaces. It’s not too removed from the action, however, since it lies only a 20-minute journey from the heart of the capital. The borough’s safe look and feel continues to be boosted by improving schools and expanding business opportunities.

The Point, IG2

Fairview New Homes
3.29 (12 reviews) 3.29 (12 reviews)
Area guide to Redbridge
The Point is a Fairview New Homes development comprising of a selection of 105 residential flats in Redbridge. Resident’s benefit from the development being just moments away from Gants Hill Underground Station that carries the Central Line services into Central London and the City. Read reviews and details of The Point, IG2

9: Hillingdon – 81.1 crimes per 1,000

Hillingdon House (Image Credit: Marc Barrot)

Tucked away in the upper reaches of west London, Hillingdon is a large comfortable and decidedly green suburban borough. It has fantastic schools and universities, a thriving cultural scene and excellent transport links. This ticks all the boxes on our list, and helps keep crime low in this desirable part of the capital.

be:here Hayes, UB3

be:here, Apo
4.68 (143 reviews) 4.68 (143 reviews)
Area guide to Hayes
Image of be:here Hayes, UB3
be:here Hayes is a residential development comprising of 119 one, two and three-bedroom apartments. It offers commercial units including restaurants, leisure amenities and a music venue. In addition, the development is close to Hayes & Harlington station, the M4, M25 and Heathrow Airport. Read reviews and details of be:here Hayes, UB3

8: Barnet – 74 crimes per 1,000

St Katherine’s Greek Orthodox Church , Barnet (Image Credit: John Salmon)

Although quieter than most London boroughs, Barnet boasts excellent transport links, a profusion of parks and some of the highest-performing schools in the capital. Annual rates of violent crime are frequently recorded as well below the national average.

Beaufort Park, NW9

St George
3.95 (370 reviews) 3.95 (370 reviews)
Area guide to Colindale
Image of Beaufort Park, NW9

Located in Barnet, North West London, Beaufort Park is a St George development. It has access to good transport services towards central London with Beaufort Park’s Underground Station on the Northern Line. The development also has various health and fitness facilities such as a spa, gym, pool and landscaped courtyards. There is also a range of shops and restaurants at Beaufort Park.

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7: Havering – 70.8 crimes per 1,000

Harrow Lodge Park (Image Credit: Ewan Munro)

Quiet, prosperous and with no shortage of excellent schools, Havering is still one of the most affordable boroughs in London. It’s also one of the largest boroughs at 40 square miles, but half of that is situated in the Metropolitan Green Belt. This is a big plus for boosting desirability and long-term safety levels.

Kings Park, RM3

3.99 (26 reviews) 3.99 (26 reviews)
Area guide to Havering
Kings Park is a Countryside residential development in the London Borough of Havering, East London. The site is just a short walk to the local station, Harold Wood that carries rail services the Great Eastern Main Line that reaches Liverpool Street in under an hour, and Upminster Bridge being the nearest Underground station that carries […] Read reviews and details of Kings Park, RM3

6: Kingston upon Thames – 69.3 crimes per 1,000

Kingston Upon Thames waterfront (Image Credit: Brian Gillman)

A recurring theme of this list of safest boroughs is their proximity to lakes and the River Thames. The river runs through Kingston upon Thames for three miles, playing host to a vibrant arts scene and uniquely chic café culture.

Kingston Upon Thames

Kingston Upon Thames

Learn more about Kingston upon Thames and discover the highest-rated new developments in the borough with our area guide.

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5: Sutton – 66.7 crimes per 1,000

Wallington, Sutton (Image Credit: A P Monblat)

Sitting just north of the Surrey Downs, Sutton is a walker’s paradise as it offers gorgeous rolling hills and unforgettable views that few other boroughs can compete with. The town centre is the hub and heart of Sutton, notable for its strong community feel. The borough routinely pulls 90%+ figures for happiness, satisfaction and feeling safe whenever its residents are surveyed.

Before moving, we meticulously researched places where school offsted scores should be high and where crime rates should be low. Sutton came out from many resources.

Mehmet Ozaksu, Verified Resident – The Well House, SM1, May 2020



Learn more about Sutton and discover the highest-rated new developments in the borough with our area guide.

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4: Harrow – 66.3 crimes per 1,000

Vaughan Library, Harrow School, Harrow (Image Credit: Robert Cutts)

Home to one of the nation’s top independent schools, Harrow is tucked away in the northwest of the capital. This gives it a quieter, calmer appeal compared to the electric buzz of the city’s central boroughs. Harrow is blessed with a winning combination of beautiful historic architecture, open green spaces and, of course, truly outstanding schools. Its solid transport links to central London don’t hurt either!



Learn more about Harrow and discover the highest-rated new developments in the borough with our area guide.

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3: Merton – 66.2 crimes per 1,000

Wimbledon Park

The home of Wimbledon, Merton combines culture and heritage with a cosmopolitan buzz. This rises to a fever pitch each summer when the tournament rolls around. Despite the annual influx of tourists and tennis lovers, Merton maintains a reliably safe and welcoming atmosphere even at its busiest.

Wimbledon Grounds, SW17

Galliard Homes
4.34 (14 reviews) 4.34 (14 reviews)
Area guide to Wandsworth
Wimbledon Grounds, by Galliard Homes, comprises of more than 600 homes, including shared ownership housing by Catalyst. As well as homes, the development also comprises of new community, leisure and retail spaces. Residents here benefit from being only a 21-minute walk from both the District line and Northern lines, giving residents quick access to central […] Read reviews and details of Wimbledon Grounds, SW17

2: Bexley – 64.7 crimes per 1,000

Foot’s Cray Meadows, Bexley (Image Credit: Ethan Doyle White)

As part of the Thames Gateway area, Bexley has benefited greatly from urban regeneration. Overflowing with parks, cycle routes and a beautiful lake, Bexley has all the charm of ‘country-city living’ and a solidly maintained reputation for safety. Burglary is lower here than most London boroughs and violent crime is well below the UK average. This makes Bexley one of the safest places to live in London.

Belvedere Park, DA17

Bellway Homes
3.90 (22 reviews) 3.90 (22 reviews)
Area guide to South East London
Belvedere Park by Bellway Homes is a residential development designed by PRC Architects Limited comprising 402 residential units. Located in Bexley, this development has good links via rail into central London. Read reviews and details of Belvedere Park, DA17

1: Richmond upon Thames – 60.4 crimes per 1,000

Richmond Hill (Image Credit: Maxwell Hamilton)

Still number one for London’s lowest crime rate, Richmond is the safest borough in the capital. This perhaps isn’t so surprising, since it feels more like a calm, welcoming village than a London borough. With beautiful riverside cafes, shops, pubs, 100 parks and 140 hectares of Metropolitan Green Belt area, Richmond’s is the place to combine the London lifestyle with idyllic rural perks.

Richmond Upon Thames

Richmond Upon Thames

Learn more about Richmond upon Thames and discover the highest-rated new developments in the borough with our area guide.

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