Top 10 property management companies: HomeViews BTR Awards

Vox build to Rent by Allsop Lettings and Management

Which are the best BTR property management companies in the UK? The HomeViews BTR Awards reveal the 10 best-performing across 2022. These are the only awards for the UK’s Build to Rent industry drawn from resident reviews. This gives the most accurate picture of the highest-rated property management companies from the perspective of those who know best: the residents.

HomeViews Awards judging criteria

Following feedback from the industry, we honed the 2022 HomeViews Awards to better reflect this rapidly growing sector. Awards were presented this year to the best management companies of more than 3,000, and less than 3,000 units, to allow for more valid comparisons between companies.

The 2022 HomeViews BTR Awards are based solely on reviews collected between 2021 and 2022. The Top 10 BTR Management Companies list below (made up of both Top 5 lists) was ranked according to verified resident ratings. Only companies with at least 50 verified reviews on HomeViews were considered, and they had to have at least three developments with reviews on

Top 10 BTR property management companies

(Please note, the star ratings shown below are weighted according to the date submitted, and as such they may differ from the awards ranking.)

Top 5 property management companies under 3,000 units

1. Allsop Letting and Management

Allsop Letting and Management

Number of Developments

4.83 Rating (based on 689 reviews)

This independent property consultancy strives to have a people focused approach. The success of Allsop has built up over 100 years’ experience in commercial and residential property consultancy, investment and also management. Developments The Trilogy in Manchester, Vox in Manchester and The Keel in Liverpool are all developments managed by Allsop currently featured on HomeViews. […] Read more about Allsop Letting and Management

2. Dandara Living

Dandara Living

Number of Developments

4.87 Rating (based on 1331 reviews)

Founded in 2016, Dandara Living is one of the UK’s leading designers, developers and operators of largescale Build-to-Rent property. Their aim is to offer “great places to live in great locations”, and with over 5,800 apartments across the UK, they pride themselves on offering a wide range of amenities and great customer service. Dandara Living […] Read more about Dandara Living

3. Way of Life

Way of Life

Number of Developments

4.58 Rating (based on 667 reviews)

Way of Life lays the foundations for renters to make a home. With ready-to-move-in, accommodation, no-fuss tenancy management and an in-house team there when you need them. Way of Life see your home “as an extension of yourself. Where you rest, play, work and create relationships. But also where you find a sense of belonging. […] Read more about Way of Life

4. Essential Living

Essential Living

Number of Developments

4.62 Rating (based on 672 reviews)

Essential Living is a Build to Rent property developer based in London. Its hallmarks are premium apartments in well-connected locations. Essential Living developments There are many Essential Living developments on HomeViews: Berkshire House in Maidenhead, Vantage Point in Archway, Islington, and Dressage Court in Bethnal Green. In addition, Union Wharf, Essential Living’s newest development is […] Read more about Essential Living

5. Touchstone


Number of Developments

4.53 Rating (based on 229 reviews)

Touchstone Founded in 1988, Touchstone is a property management company. It is backed by Places for People Group, one of the largest regeneration, development and property management business in the UK. Touchstone manages properties across the UK, including London and Edinburgh. Touchstone Developments The Forum is a development by Touchstone currently listed on HomeViews. The […] Read more about Touchstone

Top 5 property management companies over 3,000 units

1. urbanbubble


Number of Developments

4.62 Rating (based on 2229 reviews)

Based in the heart of Manchester, urbanbubble is the North West’s fastest-growing residential property management company. It currently manages Build to Rent schemes across Bath, Birmingham, London and Leeds. In addition, it manages 1,500 rental apartments across Blackfriars, Deansgate Square’s West Tower, Anco&Co and Crescent. urbanbubble developments Spring Wharf, The Slate Yard and West Tower […] Read more about urbanbubble

2. Moda Living

Moda Living

Number of Developments

4.77 Rating (based on 872 reviews)

Moda Living was founded in 2019, as a subsidiary of Caddick Developments Ltd. The company is an investor, developer and operator of build to rent homes with an aim to “build high quality homes with a high level of amenities including shared gyms, lounges and gardens”. Moda Living has an extensive pipeline which includes over […] Read more about Moda Living

3. Get Living

Get Living

Number of Developments

4.42 Rating (based on 1157 reviews)

Get Living is a Build to Rent property developer. They are leading the charge for a better way of renting, with no fees and secure tenancies as well as offering fully-furnished, pet friendly homes with WiFi included. The Get Living team aims to help tenants feel at home from the moment they move in. All […] Read more about Get Living

4. Greystar


Number of Developments

4.38 Rating (based on 2676 reviews)

Greystar Greystar is a global leader in rental housing. With over 29 years’ experience in the US. Greystar have also expanded to the UK and Europe, particularly The Netherlands, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Paris, Ireland and Madrid, with a number of purpose-built rental communities. These offer premium quality apartments with exclusive resident amenities. It continually strives to […] Read more about Greystar

5. Grainger


Number of Developments

4.19 Rating (based on 841 reviews)

Based in the UK, Grainger is a British-based property developer and the UK’s largest professional landlord. It aims to create new communities, designed to cater to the needs of renters. Consequently there are flexible tenancies on offer and a dedicated Property Manager at every development. Grainger developments Currently there are a number of Grainger developments […] Read more about Grainger

What is build to rent?

Build to Rent (BTR) describes new build property developments designed and constructed specifically for renting. The idea behind this increasing widespread property development type is to create a community of renters who can enjoy a hassle-free rental experience with smarter service delivery and various perks and add-ons.

What are the benefits of build to rent?

The main benefit of living in a build to rent property is that the development has been designed from the ground up for renters. BTR developments usually feature a range of well-maintained communal facilities, from gyms and swimming pools to shared gardens, rooftop terraces, on-site cafés and work-from-home spaces.

BTR developments will also generally feature an on-site management team. This may take the form of either a concierge, an on-call service provider, or both.

Another major benefit of the BTR approach is that it aims to provide renters with simple, flexible and convenient rental contracts. Maximum tenancy lengths on offer tend to be longer with BTR developments – over three years is not unusual.

Is build to rent popular in the UK?

Build to rent is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. This is due to a wide range of economic and social factors. Principally, the ongoing UK housing crisis means that a lot of young people are delaying owning their own home. Some are giving up on this ambition entirely.

With homeownership closed to so many, more people are looking for better rental options. Renting overall is becoming increasingly common in the UK, where one in five households rent privately – up from one in ten back in 2001.

How much is being invested in build to rent UK?

Back in 2020, a collaborative report between HomeViews and Knight Frank revealed record levels of investment into the UK’s BTR sector. The £41 billion of capital committed to BTR up until 2020 was up 17% from the £35 billion total in 2019. Figures from the (BPF / Molior / Savills – Q3 2021) show the expansion of Build to Rent is not slowing. The fourth quarter of 2022 saw 113,000 build to rent homes in the planning stage, adding to the 129,000 under construction or completed.

What is HomeViews?

Why the increased appetite for investment in this sector? Investors are looking for secure yields in such uncertain times. In addition, buy-to-let landlords have been exiting the market for some time. This follows tighter legislation and more restricted tax breaks in recent years. Tenants are in need of new options.

What are some of the unique BTR benefits in the market today?

Residents enjoying the communal area at The Slate Yard, M3 - run by top property management company Urbanbubble.
The Slate Yard development run by our 2020 Top Property Management Company Urbanbubble

BTR operators are offering amenities and benefits that few private landlords can. Lockdown only served to highlight this, as residents took to HomeViews to praise their management companies’ responses to the pandemic. BTR review scores also remained largely constant.

As we reported in October 2022, demand for pet-friendly rental homes hit record levels after the end of lockdown. As renters scrambled to find new homes to fit their new lockdown lifestyles, BTR was uniquely positioned to capitalise: Coworking spaces, communal areas, fitness facilities and a concierge to sign for every Amazon package – who could say no to that?

HomeViews National Build to Rent Report 2023

The 2023 HomeViews National Build to Rent Report is available from March 2023.

Drawing on detailed review data covering 89% of completed BTR stock in the UK, the report will provide the most comprehensive insights available on the Build to Rent sector.

HomeViews provides verified resident reviews of the UK’s housing developments. We’re working with developers, house builders, operators, housing associations and the Government to recognise high performers and help improve standards in the built environment.

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