Friendly apartments: London rentals with built-in community

Friendly apartments: London rentals with built-in community

How do you find a friendly apartment in London? A sense of community is one of the things our reviewers talk about the most for our highest rated developments. Choosing a new rental flat can be hard. Are the neighbours friendly? Is the building management team helpful? Are there any resident events and what are they like? To answer these questions, let’s ask the residents!

HomeViews reviews are written by verified residents. They will tell you exactly what it’s like to live in hundreds of new rental developments across the capital. Some have even said they’ve met ‘friends for life’ after moving into a development with a strong community focus.

Finding your community

We can pick out developments that are regularly described as having a good community feel and residents who are friendly. Apartments in London can be great fun!

We’ve picked out a selection of the very best ‘build to rent’ landlords with apartments in London. They aim to provide a friendlier, more ‘communal’ living experience for tenants and have locations across the city. Because of this, many of these developments are also pet-friendly too. Reviewers often say that connecting with other animal lovers is a great way of making new friends!

Friendly apartments London Essential Living Vantage Point

tThe presence of a concierge and a variety of communal areas are other factors that our reviewers often mention about our highest-rated developments. For example, gyms, cafes, terraces and events spaces can really help an apartment building feel like a community. Meanwhile, a helpful and friendly concierge will welcome you home and help you with any issues that might arise.

Are you ready to discover some of London’s friendliest apartments? Let’s take a look!

Friendly apartments in London

(In no particular order!)

1. Tipi


Number of Developments

4.34 Rating (based on 44 reviews)

Tipi is a Build to Rent developer with a wide range of stylish, friendly apartments in Wembley Park, North West London. Tipi staples include no fees or deposits, utilities and broadband included in the package, and 24-hour support. Selected Tipi developments are also pet friendly, and all have underground parking available.

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2. Fizzy Living

Fizzy Living

Number of Developments

4.35 Rating (based on 859 reviews)

Fizzy Living is a professional landlord on a mission to reinvent renting. Fizzy provides high quality homes for rent in secure buildings across London, and is committed to delivering exceptional five-star customer service throughout the tenancy. This developer is also pet-friendly too!

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3. Essential Living

Essential Living

Number of Developments

4.60 Rating (based on 129 reviews)

There are many outstanding Essential Living developments on HomeViews, such as Berkshire House in Maidenhead, Vantage Point in Archway, Islington, and Dressage Court in Bethnal Green. Union Wharf, Essential Living’s newest development, is a collection of 249 apartments set on the banks of peaceful Deptford Creek.

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4. Way of Life

Way of Life

Number of Developments

4.43 Rating (based on 62 reviews)

Way of Life aims to deliver a high-quality service that exceeds the expectations of residents by “making the joys of Central Living a reality… without the compromise of space, style or service.” There are a number of Way of Life developments that offer a great sense of community - in Croydon, London, Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester.

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5. Greystar


Number of Developments

4.55 Rating (based on 93 reviews)

Greystar focus on providing beautiful environments and world-class service that enhance the living experience. With over 25 years’ experience in the US, Greystar have expanded into the UK and Europe, with a number of purpose-built rental communities. These offer premium quality apartments with exclusive resident amenities and an attractive community feel.

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6. The Quarters by Bravo

The Quarters by Bravo

Number of Developments

4.42 Rating (based on 92 reviews)

The Quarters by Bravo portfolio includes a number of short-term rental properties in carefully selected Greater London locations. Quarters by Bravo Residents praise the cheerful and responsive management teams, friendly residents and peaceful surroundings.

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7. A2Dominion Rental Only

A2Dominion Rental Only

Number of Developments

4.00 Rating (based on 114 reviews)

A2Dominion Rental Only offer a wide range of properties to meet customers’ needs and budget. By building in the right locations they aim to create a sense of place that improves people’s lives. ‘Good, Honest Renting’ is their goal, and all profits are reinvested to support the company social purpose.

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8. Vertus


Number of Developments

4.94 Rating (based on 5 reviews)

Vertus is a build-to-rent operator, solely focused on rental properties in the Canary Wharf Estate. Apartments are ready to move into, offering residents a simple registration process, flexible tenancies and exclusive events. Service is of the highest quality and residents can customise their new home however they wish. The idea is to ‘lease it like you own it’.

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9. Grainger


Number of Developments

4.32 Rating (based on 108 reviews)

Based in the UK, Grainger is a British-based property developer and the UK’s largest professional landlord. It aims to create new communities, designed to cater to the needs of renters. Consequently there are flexible tenancies on offer and a friendly, helpful Property Manager at every development.

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10. Get Living

Get Living

Number of Developments

4.66 Rating (based on 59 reviews)

Get Living are leading the charge for a better way of renting, with no deposits, no fees and longer tenancies for its residents. The Get Living team aims to help you feel at home from the moment you move in, with plenty of activities on offer to help residents meet the neighbours and make new friends.

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11. More. ‘Superenting’

More. ‘Superenting’

Number of Developments

4.65 Rating (based on 108 reviews)

Okay so they're not in London, but the Moorfield Group's More. 'Superenting' schemes are so good we had to add them in! Designed for the modern 'Superenter', each More. scheme boasts stylish buildings with a range of amenities, services and facilities specifically curated to support co-working, wellness and socialising.

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