What we learnt from hundreds of Fizzy Living tenants

What we learnt from hundreds of Fizzy Living tenants

The Fizzy Living team invited their tenants to share feedback on what it is really like to #getfizzy. Across their 7 developments hundreds of tenants wrote a review on HomeViews about what it means to be #FizzyLiving. Their responses gave us some fantastic insights – and also dispelled some myths and assumptions!

1. Tenants can be very passionate about their homes

We have loved reading the reviews from Fizzy residents. It is wonderful when you can see the passion and love people have for their homes. Much of property news and property advertising centres on an ideal to ‘buy your dream home’ but many of the Fizzy tenants shared how they have rented theirs.  “I just love this flat! It’s my dream home”

living room home

2. Everyone has a lot to say about their homes

When we first started HomeViews we had some assumptions. One of them being that the longer reviews were more likely to be written by owners (passionate about their investment) or those who had had a negative experience. Instead, so far, we have seen no correlation between the length of review and the rating or the length of review and whether the resident owns or rents. This was true for Fizzy Living where some residents spent over 15 minutes writing their reviews to share their experience.

3. We love our pets

Fizzy Living prides itself on being a pet friendly landlord and this came back loud and clear as the reason many tenants chose to rent with Fizzy. Many of the reviews included comments about the way the Fizzy team go out of their way to look after the animals in their buildings. Many of the photos shared by tenants included pictures of their furry family members!

pets are welcome at Fizzy Living

4. A pictures paints a thousand words

We invite everyone who adds a review to share pictures of their development allowing others to see what it is really like to live there. We had a fantastic response from Fizzy residents with 23% of those who wrote a review also sharing a picture. These photos give us a more insightful view into the residents lives and home.

Living in Fizzy Living

5. Community matters

London is often referred to as a lonely place to live with Londoners not interested in meeting or knowing their neighbours. This was not the case with Fizzy Living tenants. When asked by Fizzy Living if they wanted more community events a huge 69% shared ideas for events they would like to attend with their neighbours.

6. The pain with a new build

Most tenants were very understanding about snagging issues with new buildings. The Fizzy Living repairs team scored an impressive average of 4.11 out of 5. The biggest annoyance and insight was the fact that many new developments have not made it onto delivery companies address systems. Have you had to deal with undelivered parcels? Or perhaps a lost Deliveroo dinner?

7. Bob the… building manager

The Bob’s are each developments dedicated building managers for which Fizzy scored an average of 4.38 out of 5. A huge amount of value – and in some instances overwhelming love – is attributed to the Bobs. They are on hand to respond to any issues but also sign for deliveries and are there to make their tenants lives that little bit easier.

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