How can HomeViews Pro help you?

How can HomeViews Pro help you?

For the first time ever, HomeViews Pro gives you access to 36,000 resident reviews, each with 20+ data points. This unique data set covers all UK new build sectors, including 90% of completed UK BTR schemes. Leading developers, house builders, architects, researchers, suppliers and consultants are already using it to stay ahead of the competition. With accessible pricing starting at £500pm, what can this new tool do for you?

HomeViews CEO and Co-founder Rory Cramer gives a 1-minute introduction to this unique new resident experience tool for the property industry:

“As a privileged early partner of HomeViews Pro we have found the platform to be invaluable, with the quality of information exceptional.”

Iain Murray, Senior Director BTR Consultancy (Europe) – Cortland Consult

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What will HomeViews Pro do for you?

Stay ahead of the competition

Measure and track the performance of developments, developers, areas, and sectors, running comparison analysis to see how different segments compare. Our data is already being used to report performance to shareholders, pitch for new business, set performance-related pay for building staff and find new opportunities for development.

Learn from the best and the worst

Discover the secrets behind the the highest-rated areas, developers, developments and sectors. Drill down into resident reviews to find the key factors that are driving performance. You can also see the lowest-rated and learn what not to do.

Supercharge your business development

Use our unique data and real resident quotes to prove the impact your work has on specific buildings and the residents who live there. Show that the work you’ve done compares favourably against a range of local, regional, national and sector benchmarks.

Know where you stand in the industry

To gauge and improve your performance, you need to know what ‘good’ looks like. HomeViews Pro is the only data set in the UK to provide resident experience benchmarks on a local, regional, national and sector level.

Be first to spot resident trends

Gain the edge over your competitors by being the first to spot new resident trends around the UK using quantifiable evidence. Get a deep understanding of resident needs and wants by location, sector, developments and developers over time.

Connect pricing, units, facilities and location data

HomeViews Pro gives you access to the first data set to reveal how the resident experience impacts fundamentals such as pricing, units, facilities and location. Cancel other subscriptions as HomeViews Pro brings this crucial information into one dashboard.

Understand how residents view sustainability

Understand how residents view sustainability when it comes to their homes. See what they value the most and how this changes by development, developer, area, sector, age and resident type.

Search 36,000 reviews to test ideas and strategies

Test your strategies and theories by searching 36,000+ reviews to find recurring themes by keyword. Explore sustainability as a topic, or interior design, parking, noise – whatever you need to know.

Understand changes in resident sentiment over time

Use the Popular Mentions tool to see what residents are talking about for specific developers, developments, areas and sectors. You can also track this and see how words and phrases used in reviews change over time.

Explore resident experience by age and housing type

HomeViews Pro lets you segment data by resident age and resident type – e.g. Shared Owners, BTR residents or BTS Owners. Discover how these factors affect building performance ratings and resident reviews.

Add HomeViews experts to your team

Learn from exclusive, extended HomeViews Pro reports and content from our research team. Monthly reporting includes an extended version of the definitive HomeViews Build to Rent Report and Sustainability: The Resident Perspective, as well as in-depth papers on Facilities, Design and more.

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“HomeViews feeds into our understanding of a local market from the existing resident perspective, as well as the discussions about what needs to be addressed in our future plans.”

Andy Portlock, CEO – Hadley Property Group

HomeViews provides verified resident reviews of the UK’s housing developments. We’re working with developers, house builders, operators, housing associations and the Government to recognise high performers and help improve standards in the built environment.

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