HomeViews data to inform London Mayor’s Housing Strategy

HomeViews data to inform London Mayor’s Housing Strategy

HomeViews data has been included in the Greater London Authority’s Housing in London 2021 report, which is used as the evidence base for the Mayor’s Housing Strategy for the capital.

The Housing in London report summarises key trends and patterns across a wide range of topics relevant to housing in London. The updated 2021 report will form the base for Mayor’s housing strategies, and for the first time will include findings from HomeViews data.

Resident ratings by tenure and development type

HomeViews contributed a dataset showing the average resident ratings for new build developments in London, split by tenure and development type (shown below).

The data shows that owner occupiers in London give an average score of 4 out of 5 for their developments, compared with scores of 4.3 from tenants in BTR developments and 4.1 from tenants in BTS buildings. This gap between owners and tenants was seen to be particularly high with regard to our Management review category.

On a positive note, London residents across all tenures and development types were seen to give the highest ratings for the design and locations of their developments.

Download your copy of the Housing in London 2021 report here. For more data and analysis on Build to Rent and Build to Sell developments, register here to download your free copy of the HomeViews 2021 National Build to Rent Report and to receive updates on all new HomeViews reports.

HomeViews data and research

With over 30,000 reviews on the site, HomeViews has become the leading dataset for new build residential buildings in the UK. We have recently collaborated on a wide range of reports and white papers, including the Knight Frank Multihousing 2020 report, the NLA Tall Buildings Survey 2021 and a number of recent investigative pieces in The Times.

We also publish a number of annual reports, including the National Build to Rent Report (linked above), and in January will launch the Owner Insights Report to provide a comparative level of insight on the new build owner experience in the UK.

HomeViews provides verified resident reviews of the UK’s housing developments. We’re working with developers, house builders, operators, housing associations and the Government to recognise high performers and help improve standards in the built environment.

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