Cortland shows HomeViews Pro’s potential for resident angle on comps reports

Cortland shows HomeViews Pro’s potential for resident angle on comps reports

HomeViews resident experience data adds a unique level of detail to a new BTR report by Cortland Consult and the UKAA. The BTR Open & Operating Report London was released in July 2023, and combines data and expertise from Cortland, HomeViews, REalyse and the UKAA.

The London report is the first of a series from Cortland that give a comprehensive overview of the sector, and includes detailed case studies of the highest-rated BTR buildings in each London region. This includes resident ratings, building stats, rental prices and amenities, with a link to the dedicated HomeViews development page.

Instant building data for comps reports

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Let’s take the South East London region covered in the example image above. Almost all of this information is available at-a-glance in the HomeViews Pro platform:

  • Pricing data for over 90% of completed BTR schemes in the UK, updated every quarter.
  • Units data for individual BTR communities
  • All facilities available at BTR schemes

So, how else can HomeViews Pro add the resident perspective to a comps report in a way that increases its strategic value?

+ Resident experience data for Facilities, Design, Location, Value, Management and Overall

The HomeViews ratings categories shown above are also available (Facilities, Design, Location, Value, Management), with rankings for each that can be filtered by area or sector.

+ Performance benchmarking by sectors

See clearly how any sector, region, building or group of buildings is performing against the only resident-focused benchmarks available.

HomeViews Pro shows you how any development, region or sector is performing against performance benchmarks for all HomeViews ratings categories (Management, Design, Location, Value, Facilities and Overall). Compare Build to Rent with Build to Sell, Housing Association or Housing Development performance, assessing key competitors and gauging performance in any area.

+ Trends analysis with Themes

Add in-depth trend analysis to a comparables report, adding the “Why?” behind the best- or worst-performing buildings in any location.

The Themes tool in HomeViews Pro shows you key themes in what residents are saying about particular topics. Again, these trends can be filtered by individual schemes, or by company, sector, regions or sub-regions, as well as by resident types and resident demographics.

+ Demographic data for regions

Give a clearer view of what different demographics of residents value the most in any given building or region. Analyse different resident types and age brackets for specific insights on any local market.

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