Single family homes developers: Highest rated by UK residents

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Single family homes developments are growing in popularity across various regions in the UK property industry. These purpose-built rental housing developments offer high-quality new homes with built-in communities, in some of the best locations around the country. But which developers are going above and beyond to create the best single family housing experience? Take a look at our list below to find out.

The UK’s best-rated single family homes developers

The list below features five of the highest-rated single family homes developers in the UK. On HomeViews, verified residents rate their new build homes across several key categories, with additional ratings for the developer. These include an overall star rating and scores for after-sales care and delivery quality. Reviewers also indicate whether they would recommend the developer to their friends and family.

The developers below were ranked in the top five for the ‘Top Rated Single Family Housing Operator’ at HomeViews’ 2024 Resident Choice Awards. Criteria for inclusion were operators with a minimum of two SFH developments, with at least 15 verified reviews on HomeViews between 17 October 2022 to 31 December 2023. Click through to each developer to find listings of their developments on HomeViews, along with detailed reviews of the homes and development facilities.

Allsop Single Family Housing

Allsop Single Family Housing

Number of Developments

4.65 Rating (based on 64 reviews)

Allsop Single Family Housing is the Single Family Housing branch of Allsop Letting and Management. Based in London and Leeds, Allsop Single Family Housing manages a number of properties in the UK. Some properties include Bridgewater Park , New Broughton, Queen Mary Place, and Norris Green. Other Allsop developments include The Trilogy in Manchester, Vox […] Read more about Allsop Single Family Housing

Leaf Living

Leaf Living

Number of Developments

4.06 Rating (based on 35 reviews)

Leaf Living was founded in 2021 by Regis and Blackstone to deliver family homes for rent. Leaf let and manage all of their homes, with the aim to offer quality, family homes to rent without the responsibility or largest deposits needed to own your own home. Additionally, Leaf offer developments with green open spaces, good […] Read more about Leaf Living

Wise Living

Number of Developments

4.23 Rating (based on 108 reviews)

Wise Living provides high-quality, purpose-built family housing for the private rental market.

Read more about Wise Living

Simple Life Homes

Simple Life Homes

Number of Developments

4.16 Rating (based on 886 reviews)

Simple Life Homes offer new homes to rent, with support from housebuilding partners, the government and investment. In previous years, people looking to rent have had a limited choice of high standard homes teamed with a professional service and long term options, particularly when looking to rent a house. Simple Life Homes provide the perfect […] Read more about Simple Life Homes



Number of Developments

3.91 Rating (based on 202 reviews)

Placefirst is an award winning and experienced build-to-rent developer and operator with 1,500 homes across the UK. Since their establishment in 2010, they’ve been committed to building and developing aspirational neighbourhoods with high-quality, well-maintained homes built specifically for rent, professionally managed by in-house teams. Placefirst Developments Placefirst currently have a mixture of refurbished and built […] Read more about Placefirst

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What are single family homes?

Single family homes developments are rental houses built specifically for renting. To date, much of the Build to Rent sector’s success has come from luxury city-centre apartment developments. However, the wider trend is shifting towards rental houses, with developers and investors snapping up sought-after suburban sites to create rental housing communities.

These new rental developments offer an alternative to the traditional private rental sector. Tenants can choose from flexible contract terms, with long-term options available. Developers tend to offer various perks and add-ons to their packages. These include on-site management and maintenance teams, as well as community facilities and events.

What are the benefits of single family homes developments?

There are numerous benefits to single family homes developments. With the rental market becoming ever-more competitive, single family rental homes provide a point of difference to the traditional private rental sector. These are new build developments, so you’re unlikely to be affected by some of the issues that regularly affect private renters in older, creaky rental housing.

Developers design their rental sites with tenants in mind. As such, you get attention to detail on the elements that matter. This includes home maintenance and management teams, while developers regularly provide events aimed at building community among residents.

Long-term contracts are available, providing security for renters. Meanwhile, many of the developments are pet-friendly, recognising that for many people, pets are an important part of the family.

Are there any drawbacks with single family homes developments?

There are no specific drawbacks to living in single family homes developments, provided that you’re the target audience – namely, a single family! Clearly, these developments may suit other renters, but the benefits are specifically tailored to this particular demographic.

How can you choose the right single family homes development for you?

Deciding on the right single family homes development for you will depend on your specific needs. Many of the UK’s developments are currently located around the northwest of England. Greater Manchester and Merseyside are particularly popular spots, so if you’re looking for rental housing in the northwest, you’re really spoilt for choice.

Developers are, however, starting to spread their wings and offer sites across the country. Developments tend to be in suburban city locations where there’s space to breathe and easy access to a wide variety of amenities.

Most developers offer on-site management and maintenance teams to deal with any issues that may arise. Furrthermore, if you want to get to know your neighbours, make sure you opt for a developer that provides community events and facilities.

What is HomeViews?

HomeViews provides verified resident reviews of the UK’s housing developments. We’re working with developers, landlords and the Government to recognise high performers and help to improve standards in the built environment.

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