Living in East Village: resident spotlight

Living in East Village: resident spotlight

We love getting to know the HomeViews community, and we come across insightful reviews on the site each and every day. But now and again, we spot one that really captures our attention. Mr Holloway’s write-up about living in East Village is case in point, and testament to the variety of ages and backgrounds this Stratford neighbourhood attracts…

Great space for retired people
“My wife and I are in our 70s. We sold up a huge house to downsize and free ourselves from the burden of ownership. And what a great place to live. Masses to do, great transport for us and the grandchildren. Fantastic service from Get Living. We are just about to sign up for our second 3 year term.”

We caught up with Mr Holloway to find out more about his experience…

Mr & Mrs Holloway

“People live in houses until they’re eventually carried away in a box or go into a home, and then the houses are stripped bare and everything’s thrown onto a junk pile. We thought, why not free up the capital and give someone else the worry of looking after the drains, the roof and the central heating. So we sold up everything – the house, furniture, art, collections. Everything except cutlery and crockery, clothes and our best art.”

Previously the owners of an eight-bedroom house with a swimming pool in Biggin Hill, Mr Holloway and his wife made the decision to downsize and rent.

Mr Holloway got to know East Village as a volunteer during the 2012 Olympic Games. Back then it was the Athletes’ Village. Now, it’s a thriving Build to Rent community, with more than half of the buildings managed and rented by Get Living.

Mr Holloway told HomeViews his top requirements were to be able to walk to a doctor and a proper set of shops, and have access to public transport for his grandchildren. East Village ticked all the boxes.

We looked at Canary Wharf in comparison, but found nothing like here, with the pool and the park – there’s just so much more.”

Mr Holloway volunteers regularly at the Olympic Park, and says it’s difficult to walk through it without saying hello to someone he knows.

It’s a very new community, so there’s lots of opportunities to meet people. Lots of events like supper clubs and resident socials.”

Mr Holloway credits Build to Rent as “spectacular”. In his HomeViews review he also wrote:

“I wish I’d known how much pressure it took off me. Renting from a build to rent developer gives all the security we need.”

We asked him what he especially loved about the concept, and he said:

I no longer have to worry about things like a leaking roof or mowing the lawn as someone is always here to sort it for me!”

I tell friends of ours that they should sell up and do the same. They say oh later, later. I tell them to do it now! You’ve got to live! Now, if I want to go away for six weeks, I don’t have to worry about leaving the house, I can live exactly the kind of life I want to.”

We relayed his story to Get Living, who commented: “As Mr Holloway testifies, East Village’s vibrant and diverse community is something our residents really value, which we nurture by working with independent retailers and supporting local groups and organisations. We hope that by reading reviews like his on HomeViews, others can discover all there is to offer in Get Living’s East Village neighbourhood.”

Here’s to that!

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