18 ways Coronavirus will change new homes forever [infographic]

18 ways Coronavirus will change new homes forever [infographic]

Virtual maintenance, self-tours, copper door handles, refrigerated mail rooms… we discover 18 ways that new homes will change as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. HomeViews recently talked with Pierre Melhado, Managing Director of BTR Europe for innovative US-based property developer/manager CA Ventures. Pierre shared with us a wide range of new features we can expect to see for residential developments in the coming months and years.

You can read the full interview over on our industry blog. However, here we’ve summarised 18 changes that you might start to see in new developments in the UK.

The new normal

Our homes have to change in response to our changed world. There’s a possibility of further pandemics in the future. As a result, buildings need to be designed and run with issues like social distancing and infection control in mind. So, what does that look like?

The pandemic is causing residents to swiftly adapt to new technologies. CA Ventures is taking the opportunity to accelerate these new technologies to keep its residents safer and to provide a better, more efficient service.

Pierre gave us current examples of what he describes as the “proptech explosion” that will happen. This includes things like using video chat to resolve simple maintenance issues within a building. Contactless technology in phones for opening doors and use lifts. Even refrigerated mail rooms that are needed as residents get used to ordering food online.

18 ways Coronavirus will change new homes forever

Let’s take a look at this ‘new normal’ and the technologies that will make it happen. From how a building is designed and built through to viewings and building management, Pierre’s insights are summarised in the infographic below (click for full screen).

Homeviews CA Ventures infographic on new technology for new homes post lockdown

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