1 bed flats to rent in Birmingham: Top-rated buildings

The Whitmore Collection flats to rent in Birmingham

Often described as England’s second city, Birmingham has a population of more than a million, with diverse communities and a rich cultural heritage. The city is a hub for business and a thriving centre for the arts and creative industries. It is home to five universities and several of the country’s top sporting venues. Birmingham has recently seen a host of new and exciting property developments. Verified residents have been reviewing the best of these on HomeViews. Take a look at our highest-rated 1-bed flats to rent in Birmingham.

1 bed flats to rent in Birmingham: 5 best developments as rated by tenants

We’ve listed the best 1-bed flats to rent in Birmingham below. We have used the reviews of verified residents to compile the list.

Residents have written their reviews on HomeViews, giving feedback on their experience of living in each development. Reviewers rate every aspect of the development, from design and facilities, to the management team, services, location and value for money. Read on to find the best buildings for single-bedroom rental flats in Birmingham.

*PLEASE NOTE these rankings take into account how many reviews a scheme has and how recently those reviews have been submitted, so may not match the overall star ratings shown. Buildings with a larger number of more recent reviews are given a greater weighting to reflect current building performance.

1. Aston Place, B1

Dandara Living
4.91 (681 reviews) 4.91 (681 reviews)
Area guide to Birmingham
Image of Aston Place, B1

Aston Place by Dandara Living comes out on top as the best rental-only development in Birmingham. Located in the heart of central Birmingham, the development comprises studios, one and two-bed apartments. Residents benefit from a gym with fitness classes, resident events and car parking. The development is just five minutes from Birmingham New Street Station and the business and retail districts, making it a highly attractive prospect for those wanting to make the most of city life.

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2. The Whitmore Collection, B3

Legal & General, urbanbubble
4.90 (212 reviews) 4.90 (212 reviews)
Area guide to Birmingham
Image of The Whitmore Collection, B3

At number two in our list of the best rental developments with 1-bed flats in Birmingham, it’s The Whitmore Collection. The development offers a range of one and two-bedroom canal-side apartments and townhouses. The accommodation features high-quality, modern appliances and video security systems, along with a speedy 100 MB broadband internet connection. Residents enjoy access to a variety of facilities, including a communal courtyard, a gym, a clubhouse and a private dining room.

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3. Hairpin House, B12

4.83 (37 reviews) 4.83 (37 reviews)
Area guide to Birmingham
Image of Hairpin House, B12

A new entry into this ranking, Hairpin Home offers cosy communal lounges, quiet co-working spaces and a concierge team on-hand 24/7. And it’s all just a hair’s breadth away from the city centre. Modern brand new one or two-bedroom apartments each feature a fully-fitted kitchen including a dishwasher and spacious en suite and/or bathroom. In addition, the building is just a 10-minute walk away from Birmingham city centre.

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4. The Mercian, B15

Moda Living
4.84 (175 reviews) 4.84 (175 reviews)
Area guide to Birmingham
Image of The Mercian, B15

A relative newcomer at number four, The Mercian offers 481 stunning apartments over 42 storeys. Located on the former site of The Click Club, it is the tallest residential tower in Birmingham. As well as great amenities and views, it offers a 200-metre rooftop running track!

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5. The Lansdowne, B16

Way of Life
4.73 (169 reviews) 4.73 (169 reviews)
Area guide to Birmingham
Image of The Lansdowne, B16

The Lansdowne, managed by Way of Life comes in at number five on our list. Located in Birmingham’s sought-after Edgbaston Village, the building comprises 206 apartments, with a mix of one, two and three-bedroom apartments and duplexes on offer. Residents have access to a variety of amenities, including a 24-hour concierge service and free superfast internet. Facilities include a residents’ gym, a communal lounge and private cycle storage with a bike workshop. Residents can also take advantage of access to the Cultural Mixer space, which has a residents’ kitchen and an entertainment and events space.

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Renting in Birmingham

Birmingham offers a world of possibilities for residents, with its various quarters and suburbs providing unique and distinctive experiences. The city is a hive of activity, with a fine choice of restaurants, bars and eclectic nightlife. Birmingham’s central position, superb transport links and world-class universities have also made it a popular choice for large companies, providing plenty of exciting career options.

The city compares favourably to London in terms of cost of living, with the overall cost of living in Birmingham listed as almost 39% cheaper than London. Regarding rent, Birmingham is on average some 55% cheaper than London. Birmingham renters can therefore enjoy some huge savings compared to those renting in the capital. When it comes to 1-bed flats to rent in Birmingham, there are some real jewels on offer in the city centre too.

Birmingham provides a wealth of options for renters, and has recently seen an increase in high-quality rental-only developments. The fashionable Jewellery Quarter, the rapidly developing Eastside and the diverse and vibrant China Town are some of the desirable places where new developments have been focused.

The city centre, including the old Gun Quarter, is also giving rise to a raft of sought-after new developments. New rental properties with superb facilities are becoming more prominent across the city, providing renters with plenty of options.

A canal in Birmingham, West Midlands

What is Build to Rent?

Build to Rent properties are developments that are made solely to rent, rather than to sell. It’s one of the newest trends in the property sector, and build to rent is growing in popularity for developers, and renters alike.

Developments offer an alternative to the traditional private rental sector for renters. They are typically newly built apartment blocks or buildings renovated to a high quality, contemporary standard.

There are many attractive benefits to Build to Rent that the traditional rental sector doesn’t tend to provide. Buildings often have outstanding management teams offering resident events around the building’s communal spaces, gardens and terraces. Many BTR developments also offer gym or spa facilities, as well as concierge services.

Build to Rent aims to offer a longer-term option for renters, providing the community and facilities to encourage tenants to stay and renew contracts. Tenancy terms of up to five years are sometimes possible in order to facilitate this.

Build to Rent apartments may charge a premium over their private rental counterparts, but packages usually include a range of extras that aren’t available to most private tenants. See our dedicated guide to Build to Rent for more details.

What is HomeViews?

Is Birmingham a good place to live?

Birmingham is known as a diverse, friendly and affordable city to live in. With the city’s economy expanding and a great deal of recent development, it has emerged as a sought-after destination.

Birmingham is especially popular with students and young professionals, who look to its superb career prospects and vibrant nightlife. The leafy suburbs surrounding the city centre are also popular with families and older people.

In 2019, Birmingham was voted as one of the world’s top 50 cities for quality of life. While the city is a bustling urban centre, there is easy access to some beautiful rural landscapes. The national motorway network provides superb connections towards London and other cities. Birmingham’s mainline railway stations also make the city extremely accessible.

The city is home to a wealth of historic architecture and a variety of striking modern buildings, including the iconic Bullring. The city’s industrial history is represented by the canal running through the city centre, which today has numerous bars and restaurants along its banks.

Birmingham is also home to world-class sport, hosting both Aston Villa and Birmingham City football clubs. The city’s famous Edgbaston Cricket Ground is home to Warwickshire County Cricket Club and a regular host of international test matches.

Has our list of the best 1-bed flats to rent in Birmingham caught your attention? Why not read more about life in the city by checking out our area guide below. From there, you can read more about life in this popular city, and find even more great rental opportunities.


Birmingham is located in the West Midlands in the heart of England. Often described as England’s second city it is a hub of business, tourism and importantly – is home to Cadburys dairy chocolate. Our Birmingham Area Guide looks at the residential regions of Read more about Birmingham

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Hopefully, our guide to the best 1-bed flats to rent in Birmingham has proven useful. Check the area guide for more information on one of the UK’s most vibrant cities.

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