Goldhurst House a bit disappointing


Goldhurst House is the new block at the front – that looks like a crash helmet. There are some flats available to rent, but they are asking high prices. Given how high the prices are, my issues with this development are three: 1. The curved design feels weird in the living space. A bit like a boat, and it feels to me like it will be hard to arrange the living space because of it. 2. Because of the curved design, and the fin on the front, you get a great river view but only in one direction (north or south). You don’t have any windows or space parallel to the river – so you can’t see both ways. This may seem fussy, but if you compare to the three beds in the next door block, it’s a big point. 3. The all glass design means you are either living behind curtains all the time – or in a goldfish bowl. This is maybe less of an issue higher up the building, but down near the ground I expect the new public areas to be popular and to have plenty of people hanging around in the summer who will be able to look straight in. Sorry this all sounds negative – I like the development a lot and the facilities etc are great, but I am not sure these new curved flats deserve the top prices.

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