Can’t get the basics right, so why worry about the rest?


The building looks amazing but I have never lived somewhere with so many issues, and this is when it’s new! Shudder to think what it will be like in a few years.

Building work is organised with no care about the impact on residents (more important to them that they open that coffee shop quickly, tenants be damned), issues with hot water going off, noisy pipes, high bills, I could go on. The staff are friendly and seem to try their best, but either corners have been cut or bad decisions have meant there are constant problems.

For example, currently I get to pay ~ £2k including bills + council tax to fall asleep to the sound of pipes, and to be clear this isn’t me being sensitive to the usual pipe noise you get anywhere, this is earache and headache inducing, all day and night, noise that brought several apartments out into the corridor when it started it was so loud! I actually thought something serious was wrong at first!!

This has been happening on and off for months too so it’s not a new development, and was last ‘fixed’ 1 month ago (took them 2 full days to do so mind), which just meant it wasn’t as loud or quite so frequent. Now it’s back and again we’re already on our 3rd day since I reported the issue and on it goes.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

Location is good, co-op right outside, Northern Quarter on your doorstep but far enough away not to be noisy, etc.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

The inability to live peacefully is the biggest issue here. All I want is a place I can feel calm and relaxed, I don’t get that at Angel Gardens. Even when things are ‘fine’ you are constantly worried every pipe noise or drilling sound is the start of another event.

How has the building management responded to any problems or issues you have raised:

Generally fast response if you get them on the right day when the right staff are around, but sometimes you can go days (or forever if they forget about you) without a response. So unpredictable to be honest. Very friendly, however.

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