Promises of being a great place to live if management worked alongside residents properly


The building itself is great. We have the most impressive 360-degree view of London and the surrounding area which can’t be beaten, the red-brick design isn’t much on the outside of the building but the finish in each flat is so smart. The flooring is really clean and modern and the bathrooms are like hotel bathrooms, complete with anti-fog mirrors. The Bosch cookwear is really modern and fits perfectly with the flat.

The communal facilities have been a huge sticking point. Covid has obviously affected things but from being told they would be completed in February 2021, they weren’t finished until the end of March 2021. Despite the design of the communal facilities being top-notch, as of July 2021 the communal spaces are still not open as Peabody has not set up wifi for the office space or cinema room yet, rendering them unusable. The lifts break at least once a month with certain buttons becoming inactive and closing door sensors not being fixed. There have been several emails from the entire resident community to try and rectify a lot of the communal issues with Peabody and after at least 5 weeks, we’ve had no response from the property management looking to fix the issues raised. Each flat pays over £100 in service charge and so far it’s hard to see exactly where that money is going. The rooftop has strict opening hours that our fobs work meaning after 7:30pm you can’t access it which in the summer months is ridiculous. Why we have set opening times is beyond me!

The concierge team are friendly enough and hopefully when Covid has completely passed, their function will be more clear. For now, they can’t open doors for anyone or accept parcels for us. They do provide security services for the social housing building opposite but that means there’s not always someone on the desk. We have never been told formally what they can and can’t do in terms of services but again it seems we’re paying a lot in our service charge for them to sit and watch Netflix and be friendly to us as we enter and exit the building.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

Wembley Park is an amazing place to live. Williamson Heights is a 2-minute walk from Wembley Stadium station which goes directly to London Marylebone without stopping, taking just 9 minutes! With the London Designer Outlet, the stadium, arena, Boxpark AND a pub, there’s so much on our doorstep here. Wembley Park tube station is only a 10-15 minute walk away and is so well connected with the Metropolitan line so if you can’t wait for a train, the tube has your back!

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

That the communal facilities wouldn’t actually be available for use. In a time where we all work from home, the communal office space was a huge selling point and 6-7 months later, we are still working at a dining table in the flat.

If there is one thing you would change about your flat or property what would it be:

All our ceiling lights hum when turned on so I wish they’d come with a regular on/off switch not a dimmer.

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