Overall OK, Missing communal amenities and lacking communication.


The fact that the development is new means that it is “overall”, clean, tidy and appealing to be in/ look at. The communal areas are still not open so I cannot comment on them, aside from that fact that some of the service charge is probably paying for that area, of which I cannot use..
There seems to be fairly frequent cleaning of lifts and floors which is great, although at times the bin room is a mess as many bins are locked and dragged about, making it awkward to use the room. The site sales peabody staff were un-knowledgeable about the flats and workings of them, for example I was given a Portuguese manual for my cooker and requested an english one, of which I never received. I have also brought up damage issues PRIOR to moving in to the flat and yet nothing has been done, 6-7 weeks after moving in.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

The development is located inbetween old and “new” wembley high streets. The newer gentrified stadium walk area has nice shops, bars, activities and resturaunts. There are more shops located slightly further walk away, due to the original high street being old there is quite a mix of good and bad/run down shops, fast food outlets and the like, but there are still a few clothes and amenity shops which are useful.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

What service providers were needed to be contacted and which were actually applicable as a choice. The sockets (ethernet) do not work and are redundant, I wasted money on buying cables I cannot use for each room.
I wish I knew how badly peabody staff would ignore me.

How has the building management responded to any problems or issues you have raised:

My heating did not work for my first 2 weeks, it took 10 days to get a repairman to take a look.
I have made 3 peabody staff members aware of damage in my flat PRIOR to buying, even having a staff member take pictures inside my flat but nothing has happened (4-5 weeks later).

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