Don’t waste your money


The actual building work is poor. There are holes at the back of the kitchen units meaning things fall down the back. There are also random things that just fall off around the flat.

It’s “pet friendly” which actually translates to you paying £70+ a month to keep your pet there. There’s a roof garden on the 9th floor that has a kids playground on it which would be lovely if everyone didn’t take their dog to the toilet on it. I complained a few times but residents kept doing it.
Rubbish overflows in the bin rooms where residents don’t throw their rubbish away properly.
The on-site management team aren’t good, when going through the motions before moving in I had to chase constantly for a contract and finally got one week before moving in. Sorry to say but they are useless, everything takes such a long time and this was pre-covid so there is no excuse for it – we pay a premium to live here but I can assure you the service received from the property management team is that of a 1 star hotel. Also, on two separate occasions members of the building management team entered our flat thinking it was empty – totally unbelievable.
The main door of the building is broken and is left constantly open, that’s also where your parcels are left so there is every chance your post can be stolen. One of the lifts was out for around 4/5 months making it so that sometimes you were literally waiting around 5 minutes for the lift to get to your floor.

I honestly feel like the time living at this property was a huge waste of money.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

To be honest, it’s hard to find the positives of living here. It’s outrageously expensive for what it is, you could easily rent a 2/3 bed house for the price being charged for a 1 bed flat.

Right opposite a police station so most nights you will hear sirens, the buildings have caused a wind tunnel and the shoddy building work has meant that the windows whistle (really loudly) throughout the night.

Parking costs £100 a month and you will have to walk a good 10+ minutes to find parking for free if you have friends or family visiting.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

That the wind tunnel will cause a horrible whistle during the night and you’ll struggling to sleep through it. Don’t take children on the playground garden unless you want them falling over in animal mess.
Just to name a few…

What is the best feature of your home:

The only saving grace for this apartment was the balcony.

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