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I’ve lived in William Beveridge House for over 6 years.

The development is basic in construction, and shockingly designed. My line of apartments has an imbalanced footprint – a huge boiler cupboard that dominates the open kitchen/living room space, and an oversized hallway space that you could throw a disco in. I undertook an immediate development project when I moved in to move the boiler to the hallway, at significant cost, but which has improved the design of the flat. I think it was very poorly and quickly designed, and complete with ugly and basic finishings.

The property management (Clarion) is staggeringly bad. Easily one of the most incompetent organisations I’ve ever dealt with, either personally or professionally, in all my years. I currently have my Service Charge suspended (since last May 2020), on top of a Service Charge that I cancelled for 18 months in 2016…. all relating to a complete absence of Service. I understand that a number of other residents have done the same.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

The area has really developed over the past 5 years, with newer retail and pub establishments opening, turning Bow into a very desirable area to live for young central London workers. The proximity to Victoria Park is brilliant, which provides excellent outdoor space and facilities. There are significant development plans currently being considered by Tower Hamlets council which will further improve the area.
Mile End Tube is ~12 min walk, no. 8 bus is also very good for City and West End access. I have private parking at the residential development (at cost), but parking on streets is very restricted, and I understand there are restrictions on residents permits.
Bin collections are hit and miss (especially Recycling, which is high in volume, and sporadic in pick-ups). ASB is a particular issue, my development recently being subject to a Closure Order due to ASB and break-ins.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

In hindsight, I wouldn’t buy off-plan, or at least, not without properly considering the layout. I was hugely disappointed with the internal layout, but this was very much a failing on my side.

Not a particular issue for my property – but I’d suggest good practice things to look out for in new properties are internet connectivity, mobile phone signal, what the neighbours are like, exposure to any outside issues (bins, traffic noise, etc), parking availability, access, any current local disputes/issues, ASB issues, council tax charges, (if in Flats) Service Charge costs.

Knocking on a neighbours door can often yield a lot of helpful information 🙂

How has the building management responded to any problems or issues you have raised:

With either silence, significant delay, or gross incompetence.

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