Briefing of Forsteque/Breakspear Gardens – A Resident’s perspective:


Cleaning is OK, also the Gardens. Bins evacuated promptly. They responded quite quickly when I complained of leaking Tap in Bathroom.

There is already BT & Virgin Broadband connections, saving you stress and reducing costs of installation (although it is not free).

Also, I’m happy for the many electric Vehicles charging points. You don’t need to go outside the premises to charge your Car.
There are 2 disabled parking available which is useful.

I was impressed that they allowed Residents hang TVs on the Walls (with permission). Some new buildings do not allow it to avoid damage to the Walls.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

The property is well maintained, use of high quality materials, courtesy window blinds, security. The Manual is a very useful guide.

Salt wasn’t spread on the ground during the snow until a few days later, a risk for Residents.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

The Council tax is highehr than I anticipated (no fault of theirs).
There is enough dedicated parking space for each Flat but it was not properly marked, rather than side by side, it was front to back and therefore limited the spaces. However, Residents have sorted it out.

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