Living in the Green Rooms


I moved in on the 14th and I genuinely adore it. The Green Rooms has the best management team, first of all, always keeping us up to date with emails if something changes! They’re always there to help and always eager to please!

The flats themselves are very cozy, the beds are grand and the bathrooms are amazing too. I seriously do love these apartments. I currently live in a 2 bedroom, with my partner and friend and we’re all very happy. There’s enough space for us all to have our own little corner but also have guests over!

Again, if every it gets a bit noise, the windows are very good at noise cancelling. We have the option to have pets which is something I look forward to being able to have!

I am currently a student but looking for full time eployment but I’m still able to pay rent without a hitch (I am splitting with two others) but I do also consider that the gym and internet being included in the price, as well as the location. Needless to say, the rpice is worth it all.

Can’t sing The Green Room’s praises enough!

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

MediaCity is a really great place to live, it’s super cozy and quaint. Being near water is soothing too and not to mention the great events that go on around here! Only complaint would be sometimes people can be a bit rowdy when coming home from a night out but our building’s windows are almost perfect at sound isolation!

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

Big pieces of furniture won’t fit, and furniture here can’t be removed so bare that in mind!

If there is one thing you would change about your flat or property what would it be:

There’s a small issue with the windows when it’s hot outside the pressure builds which can cause an annoying ‘ticking’ sound as it adjusts but that goes over quickly!

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