Well Designed Building, The best in Leicester. Slightly expensive for rent and parking.


The development is great with decent flats and common areas on 5th floor. Since I am working from home, I usually work from the 5th floor which is great. It is perfectly designed for people who have to work from home. There is a terrace garden as well where you can chill and have drinks. We also use the small home theatre (TV room) pretty frequently which is nice. The parking is expensive – £80 per month for Leicester is a bit expensive when buildings at canary wharf, London are charging £100. I’d say £30-£35 per month is good enough for Leicester. Overall, No complaints with the flats and the building. Moving is hassle free and very detailed as well so you get to put your points when you are doing the inventory report.

There is no gym and pool so we think its slight expensive as you can get similar facilities with a gym and pool in Manchester/Birmingham at the same price. So for Leicester the rent is slight on the expensive side without gym or pool.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

The Wullcomb is one of the newest buildings in Leicester right at the city centre. The location is excellent and its just 2 mins walk away from John Lewis. We just moved into this building earlier in August and overall we’d say its good and definitely the best in Leicester. We saw around 8-10 building apart from Wullcomb and this stands out.
We just don’t like the fact that there is no grocery store nearby. The closest is 8-9 mins walk away. Instead of Esquire coffee shop, they should have opened a Sainsbury’s etc.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

We did not check the nearby grocery stores before moving in. We miss grocery store near by.

What is the best feature of your home:

The best feature is the common area on the 5th floor with kitchen, TV room and terrace garden.

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