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From their new and modern designed apartment buildings, marketing campaign message of red carpet services that included the benefit of the amenities we could use, with their intention on building a residence community, “stress-free living” was appealing which I decided to agree and pay the cost on this premium and rent with Tipi.

I was active in participating activities they were providing and interacting with other residents. The building management – the concierges are helpful and great people. However, in terms of property management – Tipi management team unfortunately turned out to be a disappointment. Especially during this pandemic, where in this most vulnerable time for everyone, I found them lack of understanding and sense of humanity.

I am one of an unhappy resident who decided to move out because of this disappointment, their poor communication and management, (along with many other residents, whom I also knew, that has already left with the same reason.)

Here are some of my experiences:

1. At the time of moving in, the application process was troubling and had issues with their arrangements. Affected by this, they asked me at the very last minute, just one day before the move in date, to pay a deposit AND 6 months rent upfront within a day to resolve their issues, which caused me huge trouble.

2. They gave me a wrong price for the storage, where those price was the reason I agreed to rent together, but then found out after moving in that they charge 3 times more, which was upsetting.

3. After moving in, they made wrong calculations in our rent that resulted more than I had to pay; had flaws in their direct debit system; and was deducting more amount than the actual agreed rent. I claimed several times but didn’t get it fixed, until just recently with more pressure I addressed before I move out. In fact, they once came to me asking to sign a deed to agree and confirm that the increased amount of rent they were deducting is the actual amount of rent, which was not right.

4. There is a neighbour in the building that troubled all other neighbours for several months with their criminal illegal act. Even with constant reporting, it only escalated and still continues, which has been disturbing and tiring.

5. With this pandemic and the lockdown, Tipi closed all access to the communal spaces and amenities such as gym and lounges due to the safety measures which I can understand. Though, it also mean that their premium services I was paying for their added value were temporarily dropped as well. With the impact in businesses and individual financial situation, along by the government asking Landlord’s to work together with Tenant with sense of humanity in this time, I expected Tipi to have fair understanding to have those premium cost be adjusted, just like any other landlords I heard or knew was offering (by giving credit, offer voucher, refund or reduce rent or compensation.)

Sadly, Tipi wasn’t that case. I know many of the residents, myself included, claimed on this fair adjustment during their limited services. Unfortunately, there was no sign of understanding, even when I found out they obtained adjustment from their suppliers. On top of that, their communication were extremely slow, poor, insensible and unprofessional. Many of our claims or complaints were ignored or rejected with unhelpful comments and unreasonable excuses that simply just defended themselves. I know other residents have been mistreated with aggressiveness and rude responses as well.

My experience was quite a bitter one, that affected mentally and emotionally, but I hope sharing my story could at least serve as any help for the purpose of building a better development and community of what the potential future residents should get.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

The area looks pretty with many new buildings, but I am not sure if this community and development ever get to the point we all been announced and described. For example, there isn’t enough local amenities, shops and restaurants yet and the market area of many shops that has been announced to be opened in Spring 2019 never got opened. The Box Park unfortunately didn’t turn out to be how people expected to be.

In terms of transport link, it could be better if Metropolitan line is working properly, but it alway have issues that have to end up using Jubilee line which takes longer. Also, Wembley Park station could be better if they can add escalator to just stairs, as the elevator doesn’t function much.

During the event at the Wembley Stadium is the most inconvenient time for residents, with all the crowd and loud with visitors. It is hard to spend a peaceful time unless we stay home and avoid going out.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

Wish they didn’t say in their campaign that they don’t take deposit as they did to mine. Wish I knew the sales team weren’t shared the same information as the residents team as it affects a lot in the information given before the move in and after, and creates trouble like it did to mine, which includes the incorrect price of storage I have been informed before moving in and finding out it was actually 3 times more after moving in. Wish they didn’t say they are the rebellion of the rental industry and that they are different than the normal Landlord, when other Landlords turned out to be far better than how Tipi was in handling issues at this most important time for the society needs. In this uncertain times like pandemic has made the change in those demands as they are now on help, support, care, understanding, instead of looking for spending extra bucks for luxury, especially if we won’t be provided. It is like buying Business class ticket and forced to sit in Economy. Instead we could have given us choice to choose or to postpose, upgrade, downgrade, or get compensated.

What is the best feature of your home:

Inclusive of bills; modern designed and balanced furnished unit, especially the island kitchen table and seats. It would be better if they could have designed with more storage spaces in the unit. Spaces in the bathroom cabinets and bedroom closet weren’t enough.

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