Alto is nice, some stuff to improve


Alto is nice. The rooftop is getting a bit “outdated” when comparing to the newest developments. A pergola would be nice 🙂 when it’s hot there is no shade, when it’s cold is unpleasant.
The handles in the doors are not very good quality. There are some stuff is not amazing quality, but that’s ok, being picky.
Love the appliances.
Regarding the working from home areas, it’s not very comfortable. I tried several times but those pods have the seats very far from the table. Of course you can work from the dining table, but chairs are not super comfortable and you lose a bit the sense of enclosed space you have with the pod.
The gym definitely needs work. When compared to the others from Tipi, there are barely any machines, also a shame we cannot go to other gyms for classes… If 10 people inside you can barely move around to do your workout because the majority of stuff is already taken.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

It is a shame that there is barely any good/cool restaurants, coffee places, … if you want to go out there is only good couple of places. Unless you like fast food constantly. Same for deliveroo/uber eats, not much around to deliver, only “bad” food (Millennial problems). It would be nice to have more green places around as well.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

None to be honest. A shame that we have to pay parking separately which is not great.

What is the best feature of your home:

Like the sound proofing within the flat, cannot hear the neighbours.

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