Great area and great building but not satisfied with property management


I liked the design of the building from the first sight – it is sleek and modern, great colours of the lobby and the lift area.
Not really using any of the additional facilities, as bought the apartment with the shared ownership scheme.
Building and property management is overall dissapointing – raised a few issues that never have been resolved, e.g. panels of the building are hollow inside and when it rains the noise is awful and impossible to sleep; still have not seen a cladding report – cannot fully buy the property or sell it.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

Love the area – it is new and beautiful, cannot wait for the Design District to be built. There is everything you need – from the Outlet shops to restaurants and cafes. I also love the river side, the Tide and walks around the peninsula.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

We were told that we cannot pay for the parking space and were made to sign a paper, howver, a lot of our neighbours (shared ownership as well) have bought a parking space and were given an option to do so. Also, we were misled by the facilities that we can use: we were told that we can use the main lobby and the library and main entrance, etc. And later in the year our phobs have been changed not to use the amenities which raise a lot of questions of segregation and inequality in the building. I can buy the whole property off, for example, and have more money than anyone who is renting out a private flat, but I cannot staircase at the moment and being treated as a second-class citizen.

How has the building management responded to any problems or issues you have raised:

Building management responded to the initial issues in the apartment – the floor was repaired, our balcony door was repaired as well, however, the more complicated issues were not resolved and still are open.

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