Nice area to stay but a hassle to move in


I purchased my home via David Wilson Homes and have been living in Cane Hill Park for just over two years. Right from the start they pressurised us to get things done within 30 days. There was a time pressure to exchange contracts, which was annoying because it took us time to work things out with our solicitors. They were also quite keen to use their mortgage broker, which we did but I think it would have been quicker and a lot smoother if we had used someone else who we knew.

The timeline for moving in was slightly delayed. We were meant to move in at the end of January, but we didn’t get to move in until April. They did keep us well informed during this time, which was helpful. I think lots of people were slightly put out by this as we all moved in at the same time, but we weren’t too fussed as we didn’t want to move in during winter.

Once we were able to move in, it was a bit of a hassle. There were quite a lot of snags that we identified, and it has taken a while for these to get sorted. There were a number of different issues like various marks on paint work and there was a large water leak from the first floor to the second floor, which they did actually sort out quite promptly. However, we have to chase David Wilson Homes to make sure they are dealing with the smaller issues. I think the management are ok, but there shouldn’t have been this many problems in the first place.

We were able to personalise aspects of our home during the build including choosing our kitchen units and bathroom tiles, but I wish there was more that we were able to personalise. My home is family friendly and spacious for our family. The design is nice for children, which is nice for my new born. I like the garden as well as the three floors, which allows me to host guests.

In the development itself, there is a real sense of community with a nice resident’s association who organise lots of events. In particular, I really enjoy the fitness classes organised for mums around the development. There are lots of green spaces and playgrounds scattered around, which is great as there are lots of young families with children on the site.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

I think the location is the main selling point about the development. Coulsdon South is only an 8-minute walk away with great links into Central London as well as into the countryside, which is great for commuting and travelling at the weekends. It has the best of both worlds.

Coulsdon is a small town however, with only a handful of restaurants and not lots going on. If you want to have more options for shopping, you have to travel a bit further and I do miss some of the outstanding restaurants there are in Central London. Although there is an Aldi supermarket within walkable distance away, which is convenient.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

In hindsight, I wish we used a professional snagging company at the beginning. There we certain little things that we didn’t think to check, like the soil quality in the garden, which has now become bit more of an issue.

Are there any facilities you would like added, or that you have but do not use:

Bus service up and down the road would be nice but that is coming soon.

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