Living the London dream


The flat is awesome. Everything is high class and modern. It is also so well designed and so spacious!! And it has lots of storage space. I could never imagine so anything else like this in London. I also got a large balcony with a stunning view.
Another great thing is pets are allowed. I am planning to bring my dog and my cat from Romania. It is just so nice living in a place like this as everyone can have their pets and the building is full of life.
Despite the pets, everything is extremely clean all the time. The neighbours are all really friendly and respectful, and take a lot of care of the communal areas of the building.
It is really nice and quiet inside the flat. I know that is an issue with most modern flats in London but here I cannot hear the neighbours at all which is amazing. I cannot even hear things going on in the room next door which is great.
We got underfloor heating and good insulation to make sure it is always warm inside! The ventilation is also really good, and with the balcony and the large windows you can always fight the heat too.
The building also feels extremely safe as there are so many doors in order to get to the flat. And we got CCTV everywhere. It is perfect.
Another great thing is we got a large communal bin area in the bottom floor where the parking lot is. This is perfect as you can take the bins put any day of the week without having to bother about collection dates.
I showed inside the building to Dafne and Nick from Home Views so they could see themselves how amazing everything is.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

Perfect location, between the great town of Uxbridge and a beautiful park. Transport links are conveniently round the corner. You got both the metropolitan line and piccadilly line, and it is great being at the end of the line as there are always seats available. There are also lots lf buses that connect everywhere around the area, and even the N207 in case you miss the last train from central London.
I feel very safe, and happy to walk around at night too. The area is only going to improve…Cant wait for the gym to be finished in front of the development. There are two great gyms in the area as well, and the Uxbridge leisure centre a bit further which has a swimming pool. There is also a primary and a secondary school, and even a university a couple of minutes away, so it is a great investment if you got children.
Uxbridge is so amazing. There are so many things to do you do not even need to travel. You got a shopping mall, cinema, probably more than 20 restaurants, bars, pubs etc. Everything 5 to 10 minutes away from the development. To sum up I would have never imagined such a good location where to live. I am extremelly happy.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

I could never imagine such a great place inside of london. One thing that might be useful to know is that you need to pay a bit extra for parking, but I do not have a car so it is not an issue for myself.

Why did you choose this development:

It has absolutely everything I have ever wanted from a flat in london. I am renting now but i am hoping to buy the flat off the developer asap.

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