Very peaceful area


I like my flat. It is spacious and quite modern. The design and the facilities are all very good. I do not have a balcony but we have very big windows, with a great view. During sunrise it looks amazing.
We had some maintenance issues, though. It happened that the flat downstairs could hear every time we flushed the toilet. Of course this was quite annoying for them and it took about a month to get fixed.
Another issue is with deliveries. The building’s garden feels very safe as we need to tap to get in. However, as access is quite restricted, many deliveries just choose to leave parcels on the side. This of course is quite bad as anyone could take them.
Overall the development is good, although some things as what I previously mentioned could be improved. It is good that residents get asked their opinion on this matters as I reckon this market studies can help developers know what to do better. I am happy to have written this. The girls from Home Views were very friendly and helpful.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

The area is alright. It is very green and peaceful. Personally zip find it very safe, but sometimes during the weekends there are teenagers that come into the area drinking and smoking. As there are families and kids living here, some people feel uncomfortable with that going on.
There are not enough shops in the area as well. If you want any big supermarket you have to go all the way to North Ealing.
Transport is okay. The bus stop is right outside the development which is good, and the station is not too far.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

I wish I had known there were not enough shops in the area, as I need to go to the supermarket in North Ealing.

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