Excellent place to live with your pets


1. It is very hard to find a flat that really friendly to your pets. I have a dog and I take him down to the courtyard everyday. There’s a piece of gravelled terrace for dog to go to the toilet. And there are benches, lawn, bark chips flower bed (which is dog’s favourite), smoking areas, a nice courtyard and a friendly community with many four paws friends. If you live in the ground floor, there’s convenient door access to the courtyard, feels like your own home.

2. The facilities are well-equipped and brand new. There’s a gym, not very big but it’s enough for regular exercise( actually I haven’t use the gym since I got the dog ). Meanwhile, there’s a big public area for all kinds of activities such as holding a party or something, and I see some people studying at the quiet area. Anyway I personally seldom use the public area, but I quite enjoy the coffee machine. It is worth mentioning that the Forge gave every tenant a free coffee cup , before that, I always ask for disposable paper cups, which is not environmentally friendly.

3. Stuffs are friendly and easy to talk with, 24-hours reception, I could often get help when I need a hand.

4. The interior is modern and the furnitures are all brand-new, which is good, but I personally think the furnitures are too many for a room, some could be removed. But they do furnished room or unfurnished, no partial-furnished, which is a shame. Now we are considering to move into a bigger unfurnished room, gonna spend some extra money on our own furnitures.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

1 .Close to the riverside which is a good place to walk the dog.
2. Near the police station – trust me you will feel more safe.
3. Close to the train station which is convenient.
4. great river view from the south block.
5. there’s a parking building just the side of the road.

1. the nearest convenience store is in the train station, well, about ten minutes walk. And you need 20 mins to walk to the commercial centre. Many good restaurants and supermarkets there, well, not very far away, but it’s tiring when you buy bags of stuffs. and its too close to driving, just an awkward distance.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

The windows of 6th floor in North block and the 7th floor in west block actually only half height of other rooms. I didn’t aware of that. Personally viewing the flat is recommended.

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