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As a Canadian ex pat and doctoral researcher, I have now lived in more than 12 communities in four different countries in less than six years to facilitate my work. Each place I have lived has had it’s own charm (and sometimes quirks!), but Fizzy Hayes is by far my favourite home. From the first time I Skype toured my flat with Dave, to moving in with Kiran’s help, and Ha’s constant help and kindness, Fizzy has felt like a community since day one. On top of that, to have a community of tenants full of dog lovers who are supportive, kind, and helpful all the time is such an incredible blessing. The team here at Fizzy Hayes has gone out of their way to create a community, and they have absolutely nailed it.

Beyond that, from the second I stepped into my flat, I fell in love. The design team clearly put a ton of effort into making the very best use of the space, and making a flat feel like a home. It is open, airy, and I honestly consider myself the luckiest person alive to have an outdoor space to myself that is nearly the size of the flat! The appliances are all high quality, as are all the finishes, and the flat is unbelievably quiet and peaceful.

If it wasn’t enough to have my own incredible outdoor spaces, the communal spaces, both inside and out, are absolutely stunning. The roof terrace looks and feels like a park and I am still, after six months, discovering new places to spend time.

Please tell us what you like and dislike about this area:

The building’s proximity to the train station was and continues to be the biggest selling point– it rarely takes me more than 18 minutes to get into Paddington. Additionally, with the community around Fizzy Hayes expanding and new residential properties and businesses opening nearly daily, I am sure this area will be full of young professionals and families enjoying their community in no time.

Please share one thing (or more) which you wish you had known before you moved in:

My only concern is that, currently, the building is not in the best area in terms of safety after dark. It is located in a largely industrial area, though this promises to be completely different in a couple months as a cinema, several vibrant businesses, and multiple new residential complexes are opening along the road. That said, at the moment, I am uncomfortable being outside the building or making the walk back from the train station after about 9pm. That said, I have in fact done this many times and nothing has occurred and it would not deter me from picking Fizzy Hayes.

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