Average rent in London for all 32 boroughs

Rental rates in London have experienced a yo-yo effect throughout the pandemic. They dipped strongly at its height in mid-2020, as everyone fled for the countryside, and then bounced back. But how do things stand now? Where’s the best place for average rent London residents can find? Equally, now that prices are winding back up, where are the most expensive rental prospects to be found?

Let us take you through the highs and lows of the London rental market. Our comprehensive list will show you exactly where the most likely hotspots are for lower rent in London, and where the big hitters are.

What is this list based on?

The following list ranks all 32 of London’s boroughs (plus the City of London) by their median monthly rental rate, from the most expensive to the least. 

The data is drawn from London.Gov’s London Rental Map. This is a great resource that is updated every quarter and its findings are published annually. The most recent update was June 2022.

We’ve used the average rental rate for two-bedroom properties. This was by far the most common type of rental recorded in practically every borough.

Average rent London borough rankings

Okay, let’s do this. Which London boroughs offer the best average rent? Which one tops the charts for affordability, which ones are solidly reasonable, and which are eye-wateringly steep?

33: Kensington and Chelsea

Average rent: £2600 per month

The average rent in Kensington and Chelsea is currently £2,600 per month. This is hardly surprising, given that London’s most expensive street is in this ultra-desirable borough, along with many of the capital’s most exclusive homes.

A typical Chelsea street

32: Westminster

Average rent: £2578 per month

Westminster gives renters an average of £2578 per month. This is a popular area for politicians, well-to-do lawyers, actors and other socialites to find rental pads.

31: City of London

Average rent: £2299 per month

The City of London has had one of the biggest yo-yo effects in rental pricing, crashing by over 12-20% in 2020, and then rocketing back up in late 2021. Currently, the ‘Square Mile’ sports a monthly rental average of £2299. Being right in the heart of the city comes with an understandably high monthly rental bill.

30: Camden

Average rent: £2000 per month

Camden offers a monthly rental average of £2000. This represents a drop of about £160 from early 2022. Still, Camden is one of the coolest places in London, though sadly, coolness comes at a price.

Borough of Camden

Borough of Camden
Few places in the capital ooze cool like Camden. This popular Borough covers a large area but is more recognised for Camden Town. Its gritty, bohemian vibe has long-drawn a mesmerising mix of characters, from free spirits to punks, goths to rockers. And there Read more about Borough of Camden

29: Islington

Average rent: £1885 per month

In Islington, you’ll find rents averaging at around £1885 per month. This is roughly where they were in early 2022. Highly desirable due to its excellent nightlife, dining, theatre and retail offerings, Islington’s rental market is pricey yet delivers on quality.

28: Hammersmith and Fulham

Average rent: £1850 per month

Hammersmith and Fulham has crept up in recent months to a rental average of £1850. Smart, exciting, and conveniently placed, this is the borough that all the well-heeled young professionals want to be in.

27: Wandsworth

Average rent: £1850 per month

Wandsworth also has a monthly rental average of £1850, a major increase since last year. It also has a winning combination of excellent transport links, good schools and abundant green spaces, including scenic riverside spots. This makes it sought-after, and expensive.

26: Southwark

Average rent: £1700 per month

Southwark currently has a monthly rental average of £1700. It’s a borough that’s an architect’s dream. You’ve got the Shard, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe, and that just scratches the surface.

Borough of Southwark

Borough of Southwark
Southwark is nestled on the South Bank of the Thames, and among its luxury riverside apartments and ultra-modern offices, are some of London’s biggest icons. This area is rich in culture, architecture and entertainment, charming millions of visitors (and residents) each year. For the Read more about Borough of Southwark

25: Tower Hamlets

Average rent: £1668 per month

Tower Hamlets has a monthly rental average of £1668. You might have expected this borough to be lower down the list, but Canary Wharf and St Katherine’s Docks are desirable and expensive enough to push its average rental rate much higher. Be aware that cheaper options below this point can easily be found outside these two areas.

24: Lambeth

Average rent: £1658 per month

Lambeth currently offers a monthly rental average of £1658, a slight bump up of around £50 from 2022. Here, you’ve got the bright lights of Southbank, and the buzz of Brixton. This is a tailor-made borough for young professional renters looking to make the most of London living.

23: Hackney

Average rent: £1650 per month

Close to Tower Hamlets and Southwark, Hackney comes in at £1650 per month as an area-wide average for rent. Fast-growing, smartening up while still retaining a bit of an edge, Hackney is one of those places that is successfully catching the next set of trends. This includes smartly designed rental developments.

22: Richmond Upon Thames

Average rent: £1625 per month

Richmond upon Thames offers renters an area-wide average of £1625 per month. Tranquil riverside living, all with the convenience and bustle of the city close to hand whenever you want it. What’s not to like?

21: Newham

Average rent: £1597 per month

Newham offers a monthly rental average of just under £1600. It’s a historic borough, combined with a retail offering that’ll suit any shopper, thanks to the likes of Westfield Stratford City. Be aware that rental rates are on the rise here, up around £100 from early 2022.

A stag in Richmond Park

20: Haringey

Average rent: £1517 per month

Haringey offers a rental average of £1517 per month, which is roughly the same as last year. It’s a culture-rich North London borough that offers affordability alongside pleasant village-style community living, plenty of greenery and good commuting links into the city centre.

19: Merton

Average rent: £1500 per month

In Merton, you can expect to find a monthly rental rate of £1500 on average. Accommodating to a fault, Merton serves up a good mix of quiet and lively areas that you can’t help but fall in love with.

18: Ealing

Average rent: £1495 per month

Ealing has a monthly rental average of £1495. Diverse, well connected and full of hidden gems, Ealing is a solid renting prospect for anyone, from a young professional to a growing family.

17: Greenwich

Average rent: £1400 per month

Greenwich currently offers a monthly rental average of £1400. You’d think that Greenwich would be more expensive to rent in, given its excellent location, tons of history and even the presence of a Unesco World Heritage Site. However, it turns out that there are plenty of reasonable rental options to be found here.

Borough of Greenwich

Borough of Greenwich
It may be just a few miles from Central London; but emerald-hued Greenwich can feel a world away from the buzz of the capital. This south-east slice sits close to the River Thames looking out towards Canary Wharf, and is blanketed in green. A Read more about Borough of Greenwich

16: Brent

Average rent: £1400 per month

Brent also has an area-wide monthly rental average of £1400. Another up and comer, Brent is a good rental prospect due to its latest stage of comprehensive urban regeneration projects. One to watch.

15: Barnet

Average rent: £1400 per month

Barnet is another borough that offers renters an average rate of £1400. If you want green spaces within walking distance from home, Barnet has 200 parks and 32,000 trees. Food for thought, and space for roaming!

14: Harrow

Average rent: £1350 per month

Harrow has a monthly rental average of £1350. Harrow is a good rental prospect for those looking to get a quieter London lifestyle but with plenty of excitement not too far away. Rents have dropped around £100 from 2021 too!

13: Lewisham

Average rent: £1350 per month

Lewisham also has an area-wide rental average of £1350. It’s a 10-minute ride into central London and has plenty on its doorstep. Lewisham already has a big renter community, which keeps prices competitive.

Borough of Lewisham

Borough of Lewisham
Lewisham lies just a few miles south-east of Central London. A borough given a little more than just a fresh coat of paint in recent years. In fact, this area has seen plenty in the way of renovation. Including, a transformation of the town Read more about Borough of Lewisham

12: Waltham Forest

Average rent: £1350 per month

Waltham Forest is the third of the boroughs on our list with a £1350 per month rental average. It’s gone from a favourite hunting lodge of Queen Elizabeth I, to a high-flying borough with a booming town centre.

11: Kingston Upon Thames

Average rent: £1350 per month

Kingston upon Thames is tied with the other boroughs at £1350 per month for its area-wide average rental rate. It’s another historic riverside borough with plenty to offer. It gives renters plenty of space but without the high prices of nearby Twickenham or Richmond.

10: Hounslow

Average rent: £1350 per month

Hounslow is the fifth and final borough to offer renters an area average of £1350 per month. It is one of the best-connected boroughs in London. Chiswick also provides excellent options for local shopping and dining out.

A leafy Harrow park

9: Enfield

Average rent: £1325 per month

Enfield offers a monthly rental average of £1325. A magnet for first-time buyers as well as renters, renting in Enfield is a great way to get an authentic North London experience while preparing to get your feet on the property ladder.

8: Bromley

Average rent: £1310 per month

Bromley is a hair cheaper at an area average rental rate of £1310. With a revitalised town centre, good schools, Bakerloo extension plans, and Crystal Palace Park, Bromely has plenty to recommend itself.

Borough of Bromley

Borough of Bromley
Bromley is the largest of the 32 London boroughs, stretching from Crystal Palace and Mottingham in the north right down to Biggin Hill in the south. It’s also a borough that transitions dramatically from suburban to rural, with farmland making up around 30% of Read more about Borough of Bromley

7: Redbridge

Average rent: £1300 per month

Redbridge has a monthly rental rate average of £1300. Though it’s a sleepier, more sedate borough than most, Redbridge has its charms and makes for an easy 20-minute journey into central London.

6: Barking and Dagenham

Average rent: £1300 per month

Barking and Dagenham also offers renters a monthly rent of £1300 on average, having jumped up about £100 since last year. The borough is experiencing a lot of private and public investment, which is bringing it up in many key areas. It’s lively, multicultural and increasingly confident in its future.

5: Croydon

Average rent: £1250 per month

Croydon has an area average rental rate of £1250 as well. It is ideal for commuters and is constantly reinventing itself. Today, Croydon is cool, inviting and uniquely artsy.


There are two great reasons to live in Croydon, these go hand in hand to make it a compelling choice; its relatively cheap property prices and its excellent transport links into Central London. On top of that, numerous initiatives are transforming Croydon and helping Read more about Croydon

4: Hillingdon

Average rent: £1225 per month

Hillingdon also offers a £1225 per month rental average for the area. It’s a good rental prospect to secure now, ideally before the Crossrail Project begins to drive prices up further.

3: Sutton

Average rent: £1225 per month

Sutton was the cheapest rental borough for years, but has recently jumped up to an average rate of £1225. This is still highly competitive, and Sutton is also one of the safest boroughs in London, which makes it a haven for families and a magnet for new investment in high-quality homes and a growing range of independent stores. There’s also a good range of green spaces – a hangover from Sutton’s history as being part of Surrey before officially joining London in 1934. Now, with its cosmopolitan vibe, increased confidence and increasingly smart yet affordable housing developments, Sutton has really found its feet… without charging an arm and a leg!

Borough of Sutton

Borough of Sutton
Sutton is a hugely popular commuter spot for young families seeking more space outside central London areas. Excellent schools add to its appeal, alongside plenty of open green spaces and good value homes. The town of Sutton offers a great selection of family homes, Read more about Borough of Sutton

2: Bexley

Average rent: £1200 per month

The average rent in Bexley is still £1200. This pushes it up to second place. Sitting quietly on the border of Kent, Bexley gets the country/city lifestyle mix just right, giving excellent access to green spaces, good schools, access to the River Thames and a direct route into the heart of the capital.

1: Havering

Average rent: £1195 per month

Havering has a monthly rental rate average of £1195, plummeting from the highs of around £1400 in 2021. This makes it the cheapest London borough in which to rent. It’s a tranquil, green and open borough that straddles the urban and rural parts of North East London. Firmly competive with lots to recommend itself, this is a must-see borough for renters looking for a great deal!

We hope that this full list of the average rent London boroughs typically offer will be useful in your hunt for the ideal rental property. If you want to refine your search in a borough or wider London area, be sure to take a look at our specific area guides.

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