HomeViews raises over £1,000,000 in investment

HomeViews raises over £1,000,000 in investment

Today we are excited to announce that we have raised over £1,000,000 from a range of private investors to help support and grow the HomeViews platform.

Rory Cramer, Hannah Marsh and Olly McGinn, Co-Founders of HomeViews

The next few months will see our platform grow within London via new partnerships with developers and encourage more tenant and owner reviews both digitally and in person – Our team members are already on the ground at several of London’s developments to engage personally with residents so keep any eye out to see if you can spot any of them! 

Some of the HomeViews Team pointing to their favourite flats!

How this investment supports the platform

Rory Cramer, one of our co-founders at HomeViews says; “Our mission at HomeViews is to share useful, trustworthy insights about residential developments to support those choosing their new home. With rent or mortgage repayments most people’s largest monthly expenditure the choice of where to live is one of the biggest decisions we ever make, both financially and emotionally. This raise supports us in our aim to remain independent and encourage transparent honest market insights across both the rental and sales sectors.”

The importance of HomeViews

Our aim with HomeViews is to allow verified tenants and owners the opportunity to contribute insights and honest reviews of residential developments. Currently online, there are over 700 developments listed in London and thousands of resident reviews, and we seek to verify all our residents’ reviews. “We want visitors to the site to trust the content that they are reading. We verify resident reviews through a number of processes including using cutting edge technology that checks a reviewer is registered to the development address. We are the only review site that allows you to filter reviews by verified residents – these reviews are clearly highlighted with a green tick”.

What’s next for HomeViews

Hannah Marsh, one of our co-founders at HomeViews says; “HomeViews is growing organically with residents requesting their development and review be added to the site. Following this successful funding round, the aim is to launch in the UK’s major cities by the Autumn and then expand internationally next year. We will be taking on new team members and investing in our technology to ensure we’re at the forefront of the Proptech revolution. Our overall objective is to create a globally recognised brand that will make a positive difference to new build living in our target locations.”

To discover if your development is listed on HomeViews visit our Map page or search our company Directory