West London areas ranked by house prices

With the London property market picking up again, those who work in the city are carefully considering their next big move. With good transport links, green spaces and beautiful properties, West London is always an attractive prospect. But, of the seven main West London areas, which is the most affordable when it comes to buying a new home? We take a closer look at this dynamic slice of the London property market to find out.

Which of the West London areas is most affordable?

This list ranks the seven West London boroughs, running from most affordable to least. The rankings are determined by the most up-to-date price averages taken from Zoopla at the time of writing (February 2023).

1: Hounslow

Average property price: £439,353

Right now, Hounslow is the West London area offering the lowest average property price. Overall, prices are rising across the borough after a slight drop overall in 2022.

It’s little wonder prices are on the rise, as Hounslow certainly has a lot to offer. While it used to be mostly known for being conveniently close to Heathrow, now it’s a draw in its own right. This particularly applies to young professionals and families who want good access to central London, but with plenty of green space, local amenities and, clearly, lower property prices.

2: Hillingdon

Average property price: £492,733

The average price of Hillingdon property has started to increase again in 2023 after a relatively stable 2022. Flats remain reasonably priced in the area, at around £298,000 on average.

Much like Hounslow, Hillingdon enjoys excellent access to both Heathrow and the main Underground lines. These include the Metropolitan, Piccadilly and Central line connections. Similarly, it has outstanding parks and green spaces, and a thriving food scene.


If you are looking to buy a home in London, the Borough of Hillingdon may be the perfect place for you. Located in west London, Hillingdon is a large borough that encompasses urban, suburban and rural areas. There are plenty of things to do Read more about Hillingdon

3: Harrow

Average property price: £534,702

Now we’re well over the half a million-pound mark, which isn’t surprising since Harrow has a wide range of property types on offer. From period homes to large 1930s-style detached family homes, semis, terraced houses and flats, there are good prospects for finding your ideal West London home here.

Harrow is mostly known for Harrow School. However, besides this big name, there are also plenty of excellent state primaries and secondaries across the borough. Harrow is a little more self-contained than other West London areas, but there’s still plenty to do, with a great high street and supporting independent boutique shops.


Chances are, if you’ve never been to Harrow before you’ll have only heard of its famous occupant Harrow School. And you’d be forgiven. With ex-pupils including Winston Churchill, Richard Curtis and Benedict Cumberbatch, it’s easy to see why the establishment’s been given more column Read more about Harrow

4: Brent

Average property price: £672,271

Prices in Brent have stayed relatively stable, though the first part of 2023 has seen some increases after a slight decline across 2022. However, despite the overall area average, flats remain relatively affordable here. Expect averages of around £408,000 for apartments in Brent.

Brent may not boast the same level of green space and natural beauty as other West London areas, but it’s undergoing big changes. Regeneration projects continue to focus on providing high-quality new homes, expanding local amenities and creating attractive new commercial areas and green spaces. Brent is also the most culturally and ethnically diverse of all the West London areas. Its residents speak over 100 languages.

Borough of Brent

Borough of Brent
Looking to buy a home in London? Then you should definitely consider Brent – one of the most vibrant and diverse boroughs in the city. Situated in northwest London, Brent is well-connected to all other parts of the city and offers plenty of great Read more about Borough of Brent

5: Ealing

Average property price: £820,343

With a jump of almost £150,000 in the average property price from Brent to Ealing, what kind of extra bang can you expect for your buck here?

Ealing’s popularity (and higher price tag) is largely due to its appeal as a refined, leafy London suburb. It’s also close to London hotspots like Chiswick and will feature several stops on the future Crossrail route. When you throw in lots of ‘outstanding’ Ofsted-rated schools, it’s easy to see why Ealing is attracting attention from new buyers.

Borough of Ealing

Borough of Ealing
Ealing, or ‘The Queen of the Suburbs’ as it’s fondly known, is a happy balance between city and countryside living. Train and tube stations offer fantastic connections to the heart of the capital, as well as this it has retained a rural, characterful look Read more about Borough of Ealing

6: Richmond Upon Thames

Average property price: £984,892

Richmond upon Thames was voted the happiest place to live in all of London for six consecutive years to 2020. That’s no shock since the riverside lifestyle is enviably relaxed, accessible and beautiful. The area is overflowing with exceptionally pretty river walks, pubs, period homes and more.

Obviously, all this comes at a price. Richmond upon Thames is the second most expensive of the West London areas to buy property. And, with the worst of the pandemic behind us, prices are likely to rise higher still in this sought-after borough.

Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Borough of Richmond upon Thames
Consistently voted one of Britain’s happiest places to live, Richmond Upon Thames is an affluent residential district. And why wouldn’t its residents be smiling from ear to ear? This Zone 4 London borough connects to hotspots like Clapham Junction and Victoria. But, with its Read more about Borough of Richmond upon Thames

7: Hammersmith and Fulham

Average property price: £1,057,351

Edging past the a million-pound property price average, Hammersmith and Fulham is not a cheap place to settle. In fact, between 2020 and 2021, prices shot up by around 15%, or £100,000, across the borough. 2022 saw prices level off as soaring interest rates cooled the market. In 2023, they seem set to creep up again.

Some of this price hike may be linked to the rising trend of London professionals going back to the office after the height of the remote working period. Hammersmith and Fulham is conveniently close to Zone 1, with outstanding transport links, but offers more affordable property prospects when compared to central London.

While prices may continue to rise in this borough, so will its appeal. The borough is building a new HS2 super station at Old Oak Common, while across the borough the arts, food and shopping scenes go from strength to strength.

Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
Hammersmith & Fulham is neighboured by posh playground Kensington & Chelsea. And while it shares its sibling’s gorgeous terraced townhouses and designer shopping, this pocket of West London is edgier and way more affordable. Read on to discover developments that are the best places to Read more about Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Hopefully, our list has given you a better idea of how the different West London areas compare in terms of property prices. If you want a closer look, explore the top 10 best places to live in West London. Additionally, our Guide to Living in West London offers more details:

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