LOFT-furnished BTR homes rated above benchmarks and competitors

LOFT-furnished BTR homes rated above benchmarks and competitors

LOFT has over 20 years in residential furniture and interiors, bringing a focus on quality and sustainability to all its projects. Feedback from clients is overwhelmingly positive, but the LOFT team wanted to know what residents – their end users – were saying. This blog is taken from the dedicated chapter in the 2023 HomeViews Build to Rent Report, and explores resident ratings and reviews for BTR schemes furnished by LOFT, as well as a case study of a highly-rated community enjoying LOFT furnishings.


How do LOFT furnishings affect resident ratings?

HomeViews created three groups of BTR developments to analyse. The first group was all developments on furnished by LOFT. The other two groups, for comparison, were the remaining schemes not furnished by LOFT and an overall ‘Rental-Only’ benchmark group for an industry average.

The results were conclusive: Developments furnished by LOFT were rated higher by residents across every review category. Importantly, the Design rating was particularly high, at 4.72 out of 5, compared with the Rental-Only benchmark at 4.41 and non-LOFT furnished group at 4.36. Value ratings for the LOFT group were also impressive, at 4.63 out of 5, compared with the Rental-Only benchmark at 4.09.

Case study: Chapel Wharf by Dandara Living


Dandara Living required furnishings for its entire portfolio – more than 2,000 units – to be delivered over the course of 12 months. The challenging brief required a large-scale, cost-effective but high quality furnishing package to align with the design-led brand and help define its market positioning.


LOFT specialises in projects requiring a combination of high quality design and specification with the need to deliver a package at scale – and on time. Thanks to a worldwide supply chain, LOFT was able to source cost-effective furnishings that also delivered a uniformity of design to help establish the Dandara Living brand. LOFT designers blended warmth with modernity by combining woodgrain textures with homely materials.

Bedroom interior by LOFT at Chapel Wharf


Building design and interiors are mentioned in almost all Dandara Living reviews. Reviewers comment on how the overall perception and feel of the buildings contributes to their love of the development and their homes.

Furnishings and furniture packages are mentioned in 13% of the company’s reviews, with all mentions being positive and often mentioning high quality and thoughtful design.

Chapel Wharf resident comments

Apartment is consciously designed with thought gone into use of space and furniture is perfect.
Hegesh, Verified resident on HomeViews at Chapel Wharf, November 2021

The design and furniture made my move much easier as well as provide me with brand new things around my flat that are in tip top shape. The colour scheme helped inspire what to buy/bring of my own.
– Joe M, Verified resident on HomeViews at Chapel Wharf, January 2022

Cosy rooms designed, great quality furniture and helpful staff around solving any problems efficiently. Layout of the room is very functional and the style of decoration is modern and full of energy.
Eliza B, Verified resident on HomeViews at Aston Place, October 2022

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