Building Management – High Achievers

Building Management – High Achievers

Build to Rent is a growing sector, and with that comes increasingly more complex portfolios to manage and larger teams and infrastructure required to support this. On HomeViews, each Operator or Owner receives an average overall rating for their portfolio of developments which can be seen on their company page. In our 2020 National Build to Rent report we look at the consistency of building management scores and which companies are maintaining their standard of service across a larger portfolio.

Due to an increase in our coverage and the growth of providers in the Build to Rent (BTR) sector we are seeing a widening range of scores for Building Management. 26 of the 84 BTR developments we list are delivering a very strong building management service and have been rated 4.5 and above by their tenants. However, it isn’t all a perfect picture in BTR, with 10 of the 84 developments receiving a management rating of 3 or below.

Management High Achievers

In our 2020 National Build to Rent Report we share the Top 5 Complete Landlords for 2019 as well as the 6 operators who have scored above average when looking at their portfolio score for each of our management and landlord additional questions.

Star Players on our Rental Matrix

The Star Rating for a development is conducted by combining the average score with the Facilities, Design, Location and Value scores given by tenants. By comparing the average London BTR rents for an advertised 1 bed flat and the HomeViews Star Ratings, we have identified different performers on our Star Rental Matrix.

Top right are the Star Players – those BTR developments providing below average London BTR rent but with above-average overall Star Ratings. It is a popular quadrant, with 38% of developments featured. Why does this matter? For some Operators like Fizzy Living, where 6 of their 7 developments are Star Players, this backs up their brand promise to provide a first-class rental experience for a better deal in London.



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