Top tips for writing a great review

Writing notes

Our aim at HomeViews is to provide an honest platform packed with valuable insights about what it’s really like to live in a residential development. But what makes a great review? Check out our top tips below…

1. Think about the things you wish you’d known before you moved in

Remember that first month, all those things you discovered that you didn’t know before you moved? Maybe the service charge was a lot higher than originally quoted, or perhaps there was nowhere to park on moving day. Or it could be that you discovered the onsite gym is almost empty between 9 and 11am. These are the gems your future neighbours would love to know.


Real experts quote on a book
Remember, you’re the experts!

2. More is always better

Simply telling the HomeViews community you like your development is great, but we ask for a minimum of 250 characters so you can really describe your experiences in your review. We believe all residents have something to say and useful information to share. If you’re happy in your home, be sure to tell others why you’re happy.

3. Upload a photo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s true. Along with your review, try to include a behind-the-scenes peek into the life you live in your development. It could be an epic sunset view from your balcony, or a snapshot of how you’ve styled a neutral colour scheme and made it your own.


Window view on city
Fizzy Canning Town Resident Photo

4. Share what’s important to you personally

We value reviews that we identify with most. Sharing insights about yourself and what’s important to you will help others looking for similar information. For example, it might be the ease of the commute to work, that you’re a big fan of the local restaurant scene, or how surprised you were at the amount of children’s facilities.

5. Be authentic

Don’t sugarcoat or pretend to be someone you’re not! If you own a flat and rent it out tell others looking to invest about your experience. Do you find it rents easily and what percentage return do you get on your investment? Do you have any advice or feedback from your tenants? Your opinions and views are important and valuable – just be honest.

All set? Pop over to the Write a Review page and search for your development to get started.

written by

Paul Hibbert