The pros & cons of a new-build home: PROS

London City Island

Lots of us are shunning more traditional homes (which can come with their own set of problems), in favour of a fresh-out-the-wrapping new-build. But is it the way forward? HomeViews looks at the pros and cons, as attested by our reviewers. Here are some of their pros…

It’s completely untouched

Like a brand-new car just out the garage, a new-build home has that squeaky clean, unlived-in feel. It’s also a total godsend when it comes to decorating – for example, you won’t have several layers of bathroom tiles to chip through, or a floor stained with red wine to contend with (that naturally, was covered with a rug on the initial visit). The quality of new-build properties is thought to be better than ever before, too.

 “Build quality is great. We’ve been here two months and everything has been robust and sturdy, we’ve had no issues whatsoever.” – Verified resident of London City Island

There are more ways to pay for one

Not so long ago, becoming a homeowner (especially in London and the surrounding areas) seemed like little more than a pipedream for many. But Shared Ownership, part-exchange and Help to Buy schemes are shaking up the market for new builds, making it more affordable than ever to get on the ladder if you’re buying one.

You could make new friends 

Most new-build housing developments lay on social events, and these range from annual summer parties to weekly street food markets and rooftop yoga sessions. It’s a great way of getting out and meeting your neighbours. There are also special groups set-up to discuss anything that might affect residents, helping everyone have a voice and shape future plans.

“There are multiple discussions between the residents, the council and the developers as to how the area should progress and grow – some of these conversations are more positive than others, some have changed drastically since moving in. One thing that is a definite benefit is the resident-run Community group that is run by volunteer residents and is brilliant at ensuring residents are involved and updated.” – Verified resident of Catford Green

They can save you £££

Did you know that new-build homes are much kinder to the environment? That’s because they’re way more energy efficient, and cheaper to run and insure than an older home that hasn’t been built up to the latest standards.

“Central hot water really makes a difference in my winter bill when heating is on most of time. In particular good if you are couple or a family.” –  Verified resident of Aberfeldy New Village

They’re digitally savvy 

Built-in air-conditioning, underfloor heating, ceiling speakers – those are just some of the modern-day technologies you’ll find at new-build developments these days. And these features are par-for-the-course. To upgrade an older home with this kind of equipment, you’d be looking at thousands of pounds – that’s before you even think about built-in kitchen appliances.

More peace of mind

We all want to know that when we part with our hard-earned cash, we’re protected in some way. New-build homeowners can sleep better knowing they can have up to a 10-year warranty in place, along with a builders’ guarantee policy. Watch out, though – it’s important you know the ins and outs of your cover – read this guide from the HomeOwners Alliance for advice if you’re not sure.

At the other end of the spectrum, lots of new-build developments have round-the-clock security, concierge services and video entry systems, keeping you safe and sound.

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